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Natural Resources Guides by Robert Sathrum

Natural Resources Librarian Robert (Bob) Sathrum developed and maintained these guides over the course of his career at the HSU Library, 1976-2013. While these guides are not being updated in this format since Bob's retirement in Spring 2013, they remain a fantastic introduction to classic works, innovative web sites, and decades of working with students and faculty in HSU's Natural Resources programs and the broader community of researchers and scholars. (See the current array of Natural Resources Research Guides for updated versions in another format at Research Guides by Subject.)

Aerial Photography & Imagery - Northwestern California

California Environment Information Sources

Digital Spatial Data - California (Northwestern)

Environmental Impact Assessment Reports

Northwestern California Maps

Northwestern California/Klamath Bioregion Demographic, Social and Economic Statistics

Northwestern California/Klamath Bioregion Environment Information Sources

Sequoia sempervirens/Coast Redwood Information Sources

Statutory, Case and Federal Administrative Law: Federal and California