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Cal Poly Humboldt History and Planning Documents

History of the UniversityDepartmental HistoriesStrategic PlansMaster Plans


Histories of Cal Poly Humboldt (in reverse chronological order)

Tahja, Katy M. Humboldt State University. Arcadia, 2010. (LD729.6.A6 T34 2010)

Tanner, William R. A View from the Hill: A History of Humboldt State University. Arcata, CA: Graphic Services, Humboldt State University, 1993. (LD729.6.A6 T36 1993)

Balabanis, Homer P. Humboldt State: Reminiscences of Homer P. Balabanis. Ed. Tanner R. William. Arcata, CA: HSU Word Processing Center, 1983. (LD729.6.A6 B35) Chapters originally appeared in the first 7 issues of Forum from 1979-1982

Trainor, Joseph, comp. Humboldt State University from Its Start as Humboldt Normal School : As Reported in the Arcata Union ; a List of Articles in Chronological Order. Arcata, CA: n.p., 1981. (LD729.6.A6 T73)

Siemens, Cornelius Henry. A Personal History. Walnut Creek, CA: n.p., 1978 (LD729.6 A6 S54)

Palais, Hyman. A Short History of Humboldt State : From Normal School to University. Arcata, CA: n.p., 1976. (LD729.6 A6 P34)

Davies, Sarah M. A History of Humboldt State College. Thesis. Leland Stanford Junior University, 1947. Stanford, CA: n.p., 1947. (LD729.6.A6 D38)

Histories of Cal Poly Humboldt Departments and Programs (in alphabetical order by department/program)

Trepiak, Tom. History of Athletics : Humboldt State University. Arcata, CA: Humboldt State University, 1982. (GV691.H85 T74)

Forbes, Joseph M. History of Athletics, Humboldt State College, 1914-1968. The Lumberjack Story. Arcata, CA: n.p., 1968. (GV691.H85 F672)

Partain, Jerry. Forestry at Humboldt State. Arcata, CA : University Graphic Services, Humboldt State University, 2004. (LD729.6.A6 P37 2004)

Marshall, Zane Omer. A History of Industrial Arts at Humboldt State University. Chico CA, 1976. (TT167 H85 M37)

Nelson, Hannah. Lumberjack Voices. Arcata, CA : Flower Press, 2000. (LD729.6.A6 N45 2000)

Ridenhour, Richard L. Natural Resources at Humboldt State College: the First 30 Years. Arcata, CA: University Graphic Services, Humboldt State University, 2003. (LD729.6.A6 R54 2003)

Mottaz, Stanford M. Organizations at Humboldt State College: A Report on the history of organizations... Arcata, CA, 1970. (LD 729.6 A6 M68)

Pauley, John F. The Story of the Theatre Arts Department, Humboldt State University, 1914-1982. Arcata, CA: n.p., 1984. (PN2277.A732 H86)

Corbett, Kathryn L., and Kathleen Preston. From the Catbird Seat : A History of Women's Studies at Humboldt State University, 1971-1996. Arcata, CA: Humboldt State University, 1998. (HQ1181.U5 C67 1998)

Strategic Plans (in chronological order)

President’s Commission on the future of Humboldt State College (“Goals Commission”): Report, 1968. Siemens (LD729.6 A6 H93 1968)

President’s Commission on the Nature and Potential of Humboldt State University: Report, 1977. McCrone (LD729.6 A6 H94 1977)

President’s Commission on the Future Directions and Mission of Humboldt State University: Report, 1990. McCrone (LD729.6 A6 H95 1990)

Humboldt State University Charter Campus Study Group: Report, 1993. Vision and Promise: The Humboldt State University Charter Campus. McCrone (LD729.6 A6 H96 1993)

Humboldt State University Strategic Plan: A Commitment to Excellence and a Shared Vision. McCrone (LD729.6 A6 H951 1997)

Humboldt State University Strategic Plan: 2004-2009. Richmond (LD729.6 A6 H951 2004, HSU Strategic Plan 2004-2009)

PDF icon Humboldt State University 2015-2020 Strategic Plan (PDF)

Master Plans (in chronological order)

[Master Plan, 1949, by Balabanis in Gist’s illness, implemented by Siemens, 1950, per Turner, p. 61.]

Campus Master Plan for Humboldt State College. DeMars and Reay, 1964. (LD729.6 A6 D45 1964)

Campus Master Plan Humboldt State College. Wurster, Bernardi and Emmons, 1965. (LD726.6 A6 W87)

Master Plan Humboldt State College. Trump and Sauble, 1970 (LD729.6 A6 T78)

Humboldt State University Campus Master Plan Revisions, 1981. Trump and Sauble. (LD729.6 A6 Y87)

Humboldt State University Landscape Master Plan. Gallagher, 1982. (LD729.6 A6 G34)

Humboldt State University Major Master Plan Revision, 1990. CSU. (LD729.6 A6 C372 1990 and LD729.6 A6 C37 1990)

Master Plan Revision for Humboldt State University, 2004 (draft and final EIRs) (LD729.6 A6 C373 2004 and LD729.6 A6 C374 2004) (2004 Master Plan Update)

Humboldt State University 2004 Master Plan. A.C. Martin Partners, 2004. (LD726.9 A6 C375)