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Aerial Photos
Barnum Competition
Catalogs, Humboldt State, Cal Poly Humboldt
A complete set, 1915 to present, is in Special Collections (LD 729 C975 A3). Copies may be checked out at the Circulation Desk.
Chinese in Humboldt Research Aid

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City Directories
Citing items from Special Collections
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Environmental Impact Assessment Reports
Finding Aids
Humboldt Honey
Indians, Northwestern California
Start with these three sources in the Main Collection on the second floor: Handbook of North American Indians Volume 8, CaliforniaNative America in the Twentieth Century; and Ethnography and Folklore of the Indians of Northwestern California. Call numbers for these and other reference books can be found in the guide Sources on North American Indians. See also the websites listed in Native American Studies Research Guide.
Local History
Where do I start?
Place Names
Begin with Turner's Place Names of Humboldt County (F 868 H8 T87 1993) in either the Main Collection or the Humboldt County Collection and then follow-up on his references.
Statistics, Demographic, Economic, etc.
The best source for current county statistics is Health Data Summaries (HA 261 H43) in the Main Collection and online; see also Population History Maps of California Places 1770-2000 (HB 3525 C2 B471 2000). In Special Collections, check the Humboldt County Economic and Demographic Almanac (HC 107 C22 H834) and the Humboldt County Economic and Demographic Profile (HC 107 C22 H8346), both annual publications. The Cal Poly Humboldt Office of Institutional Research, Analytics, and Reporting webpage provides figures for Cal Poly Humboldt and the Humboldt Economic Index is great for Humboldt County. The Humboldt County Community Development Services Department has an extensive Demographic Data page. Many print as well as web statistical sources are included in Research Guides: Northwestern California/Klamath Bioregion Demographic, Social and Economic Statistics.
Yearbooks, Humboldt State
College yearbooks were published for selected years as follows: 1927 Cabrillo (LD 729.6 A6 C32); 1938-1966 Sempervirens (LD 729.6 A6 S45); 1977-1978 The Lamp (LD 729.6 A6 L35); 1982-1985 Yearbook (LD 729.6 A6 H89). A complete set is in Special Collctions. Copies may be checked out at the Circulation Desk. Copies of some Humboldt yearbooks are available online and for download in Humboldt Digital Scholar.