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This is a prototype project created by scanning from the college catalogs into an Access database. The project was conceived by David Largent (Biology) in 2001 and made web-accessible by Steve Mottaz (Library). It has not been updated. - See also the Emeritus Faculty listings in the current college catolog, which contain more end dates for years of employment at HSU.

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Named Facilities


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Aalto, Kenneth R. Geology, 1974-2004, Awards

Abata, Vincent J. C.E.S., 1964-

Abbott, George L. Journalism, 1960-

Abcarian, Gilbert. Political Science, 1958-

Abernethy, Jane P. Nursing, 1980-, Awards

Abernethy, John L. Chemistry, 1953-

Accomando, Christina. English, Ethnic Studies, 1997-

Adams, David L. Forestry, 1969-

Adams, Robert G. Forestry, 1962-

Adkins, Doug. Football, 1991-

Agin, Thomas C. Psychology, 1971-

Albright, Claude W Jr. History, 1964-1993

Aldag, Daniel. Music (trombone jazz)., 1992-

Allen, Arthur Silsby. Botany, 1963-

Allen, Ben. Business Administration, 1985-2003, Awards

Allen, George H. Fisheries, 1956-1983, Awards

Allen, Gerald M. Forestry, Watershed Management, 1976-2001

Allen, Helen L. Nursing, 1960-

Allen, Jessie B. Marketing, 1970-1979

Allen, Thomas. Teacher Preparation, 1985-1991

Allen, William V. Zoology, 1966-1999

Allyn, David E. History, 1969-1998

Alter, Ann. Theatre Arts, 1989-

Alward, Herbert V Jr. English, Journalism, 1948-

Ambrosini, Armand. Music (clarinet saxophone), 1990-

Ames, Rosabella. Physics, 1921-

Amoussou, Guy-Alain. Computer Science, 2000-

Anderson, Carolyn C. Education, 1982-2003

Anderson, Charles. Business Admistration, 1952-

Anderson, Charles M. Engineering (Air Quality), 1973-2006

Anderson, Dale N. Radio, Speech, 1957-

Anderson, Dennis E. Botany, 1961-1991

Anderson, Elizabeth S. Physical Education, 1965-

Anderson, Linda. Nursing, 1979-2003, Awards

Anderson, Lloyd. Band, Orchestra Instruments, 1936-

Anderson, Loren R. Engineering, 1968-

Anderson, Mike. ERE, Engineering, 1973-

Anderson, Palmer R. Sociology, 1973-

Anderson, Patricia Anne. Library, 1953-

Anderson, Robert A. Admissions & Records, 1962-1979

Anderson, Roy C. Education, 1948-

Anderson, William T. Art, 1967-2001

Angelel, Lawrence A. Physical Education, 1971-

Annand, Phillip G. Forestry, 1962-

Anton, Don G. Art, 1991-

Armenta, Anthony D. Teacher Preparation (single subject), 1990-

Armold, Pamela J. Swimming, 1982-

Armstrong, Susan B. Philosophy, Women's Studies, 1972-2004

Arnold, Homer L. Wildlife, 1996-

Arnold, Todd W. Education, Mathematics, Philosophy, English; Registrar, 1921-1956

Arroyo, Luis L. Ethnic Studies, 1984-

Aselk, Richard A. Chemistry, 1976-

Asprey, Dale M. Physical Education, 1957-

Astrue, Robert W. Physics, 1966-1998

Atkinbson, Marjorie. Supervising Teacher, CES, 1952-

Ayoob, Kenneth. Music (woodwinds, wind ensemble), 1993-, Awards

Aziz, Abdul. Business & Economics, 1986-2000

Backman, Daniel O. Music, 1955-

Bacon, Virginia C. Literature, 1915-

Badgett, Lee D. College of Business & Technology, 1985-1990

Bagshaw, Berit. English, 1973-

Bailey, Kenneth P. History, 1945-

Baird, Stanley J. Business, CIS, 1958-1986

Baisden, Leo B. Education, 1926-

Baker, Mary P. English, Journalism, 1953-

Balabanis, Homer P. Social Science, 1923-1963, Awards Facilities

Balcomb, E E. Science, 1919-

Ballew, Zula A. Women, 1936-

Bao, Wurlig. Ethnic Studies, Women's Studies, 1999-

Barash, Barry M. Business, 1962-

Barber, Richard L. Forestry, 1983-1992

Barela, Albert. Art, 1964-

Barlow, C Leland. Music, 1946-1983

Barlow, Kathryn C. Spanish, 1946-

Barnard, Dean S Jr. English, 1962-

Barnes, George. Mathematics, Physical Science, 1955-

Barnhart, Roger A. Fisheries, 1967-

Barratt, Raymond W. Biology, 1970-1983

Barron, Isobel J. Nursing, 1958-

Bartlett, Emma M. Music, 1932-

Bartlett, Maria. Social Work, 1999-2006

Bartlett, T Ruth. History, French, Spanish, 1921-

Bass, Barbara. Business, 1963-

Batchelor, Helen. Affirmative Action, 1978-

Bazemore, Duncan. Religious Studies, Philosophy, 1968-1992

Bazemore, Jean A. Theatre, Film & Dance, 1969-2000

Bazemore, Wallace D. Philosophy, Religious Studies, 1968-1992

Beal, Brenda. Education, 1974-1995

Beaver, Walter B. Speech, 1951-

Beck, Gerald F. Theater Arts, 1969-1992

Becking, Rudolf W. Forestry, Natural Resources Planning & Interpretation, 1960-1983

Bednar, Ernest G. Industrial Arts, 1954-1982

Beekman, Susan. Psychology, 1973-

Beer, Martha. President, 1917-

Beer, W A. Science, History, 1916-

Begley, Julia. Library, 1957-

Beilfuss, Erwin R. Biological Science, 1957-1976

Benavides, Rosamel. Spanish, 1991-

Bennett, Susan G. English, 1987-

Bennion, Lowell C. Geography, 1970-1999

Bennion, Sherilyn C. Journalism, Women's Studies, 1971-1996, Awards

Benson, Diane. Nursing, 1999-

Benson, Kim. Coach/Women's Soccer, Health & PE, 1995-

Benson, Maris D. Art, 1970-2002

Berke, JoAnne. Art, 1994-

Berman, Joan R. Library, 1972-2014

Bernath, Stuart. History, 1963-

Berry, Glenn. Art, 1956-1981

Berry, John W. Art, 1951-

Berry, Kim. Women's Studies, 1999-

Bestor, Ruth L. Education, College Elementary School, 1931-1943

Bibler, Richard N. Art, 1955-

Bicknell, Susan. Forestry (Forest Ecology), 1978-2004

Bigg, William L. Forestry (Tree Physiology, Silviculture), 1978-2007

Biles, Charles M. Mathematics, 1969-2005

Billig, Florence G. Biology, Nature Study, 1925-

Bishop, Harold A. Physical Education, 1948-

Bissell, Dorothy A. Home Economics, 1954-1977

Bivens, William P III. English, Linguistics, 1970-2001, Awards

Black, Jeff. Wildlife, 1998-

Black, John G. Business, 1955-

Black, Peter E. Forestry, 1961-

Blaisdell, James H. Computer Information Systems, 1982-1998

Blake, Milton Clark. Geology, 1988-

Blake, Pam. Nursing, 1999-

Blank, Paul W. Geography, 1995-

Bleything, Charles E. Music, 1960-

Bliven, Wes. Physics, 1995-

Blood, Albert W. Sociology, 1955-

Bloom, Charles. Library, 1952-1983

Blucher, Darlena. Anthropology, 1973-1992

Bockover, Mary. Philosophy, 1989-

Boehmler, Richard M. Speech, 1954-

Boham, Russell V. Indian Natural Resource, Science & Engineering, 1984-

Bohler, Roy. Physical Education, 1945-

Bohlmann, Wilmer L. Political Science, 1958-

Bolton, Reggie. Asst Coach/Football, Health & PE, 1998-

Bond, Kenneth M. Business, Economics, 1988-1998

Bonde, Robert G. Industrial Arts, 1959-

Boner, Alice. Education, 1969-

Bonifazi, Conrad. Interdisciplinary Studies & Special Programs, Religious Studies, 1973-1980

Bonne, Elizabeth. Art, 1997-

Booth, Julie. Children's Center, 1975-

Borgeld, Jeffry C. Oceanography, 1986-

Borgers, Thomas R. Chemistry, 1967-2002

Borgerson, John M. Physical Science, 1958-1981

Born, James E. Art, 1962-

Bothwell, Noreen A. Nursing (Pediatrics), 1973-

Bottino, Joseph. Spanish, 1967-

Botzler, Richard G. Wildlife Management, 1970-2007, Awards

Botzler, Sally J. Education, 1990-2007

Bovenzi, Eva V. Art, 1980-

Bowes, Michael. Biology (microbiology virology), 1975-2004

Bowker, Lee H. Dean, College of Behavioral & Social Sciences, Professor Sociology, 1987-2001

Bowlus, Donald R. Education, Psychology, 1956-1980

Bowman, Carl. Dramatics Speec., 1925-

Bowman, Greg E. Chemistry, 1966-1994

Bowman, Leonard L. English, Speech, 1927-

Bowman, Susan. Nursing, 1978-1998

Boxer, David T. English, 1970-1998, Awards

Boyd, Milton J. Zoology (Vertebrates, Marine Ecology), 1972-2006

Bradford, Alvin P. Sociology, 1957-

Bragen, Harold Peter. English, 1964-

Brainard, Margaret. Home Economics, 1924-

Bramlette, Allan. Ethnic Studies, 1989-

Brant, Daniel H. Biological Science, 1952-1983

Brant, Robert L. English, 1958-1983

Braund, Robert A. Education, 1968-1986

Bravo, Michael A. Art, 1973-2004

Brecher, John S. Music, 1969-

Brecher, Samuel John. Music (cello, bass theory), 1990-2001

Brenneman, Kristine J. Fisheries, 1994-

Bridges, Sara. Psychology, 1999-

Briggs, Mitchell Pirie. Summer Session, 1930-

Briggs, Philip H. Business, 1955-

Brigham, Mrs Laura A. Music, 1927-

Bright, F Lewis. Speech Communication, 1965-1997, Awards

Brintrup, Lillianet. Spanish, 1990-

Brown, Donald W. Music, 1968-

Brown, Ella C. Library, 1960-

Brown, Florence G. English, 1931-

Brown, Frank N. MAWC (trombone, jazz), 1990-

Brown, Honor. Supervising Teacher, 1952-

Brown, Pamela. Social Work, 1989-

Brown, R Clay. Intramural Director, Health & PE, 1987-

Brown, Robert L. Sociology, 1969-

Brown, Sharon. Math, 1999-

Brozovich, C Joan. C.E.S., 1960-

Brueske, William A. Zoology, 1966-1998

Bruner, Joyce. Music, 1947-

Brunet, Joseph. Modern Languages, 1930-

Brungess, Kenneth L. Music, 1979-

Brusca, Gary. Biology, 1967-1998, Awards

Brusca, Stephen. Physics (astrophysics, quantum physics), 1981-2005

Bryant, David A. Range Management, 1971-

Buchanan, Judy A. Nursing, 1978-

Buchanan, Kate. English, Speech, Activities, Housing, 1946-1968, Facilities

Buck, Whitney W Jr. English, Undergraduate Studies, 1964-1992, Facilities

Buckley, Thomas A. French, 1980-

Buckman, June. Business Education, 1966-

Budig-Markin, Valerie. Women's Studies, French, Spanish, 1985-

Bullen, Dorothy. Language Arts Publications Manager, 1956-

Bullen, Newell Reese. Art, 1946-1976, Awards Facilities

Bumpus, Ralph E. Industrial Arts, 1957-

Burke, Raymond "Bud". Geology (Quaternary stratigraphy), 1979- Awards

Burns, Kenneth. Placement, Financial Aid, 1965-

Burroughs, Ann. Computing Science, 1982-2006, Awards

Burroughs, Robert C. English, 1967-1994

Burrows, Alden. Engineering (Fluids, Coastal Soils), 1971-2003

Burton, Grace M. Library, 1926-

Busch, Robert A. Fisheries, 1973-

Bush, Charles. Philosophy, 1965-

Butcher, Lucy L. Library, 1965-1982

Butler, Eleze. Library, 1952-

Butler, John E. Botany, 1958-1991

Butler, Max W. Art, 1957-1982

Bux, Donald E. Medical officer, 1959-

Caccamise, Francis C. Speech & Hearing, Audiology, 1971-

Calhoun, Roland L. Psychology, 1969-1988

Calkins, Estelle Josephine. Home Economics, 1931-

Camann, Michael. Biology, 1997-

Cameron, Frank J. Education, 1951-

Campbell, David E. Psychology, 1981-, Awards

Campbell, Harold G. Computing Science, 1989-

Cannon, Edward "Chip". Recreational Studies, 1982-2007

Cannon, Sun Ji. Library, 1968-

Caplan, Edwin H. Business, 1956-

Carfantan, Gerard T. Foreign Languages, 1968-

Carlin, Larry D. Counseling, 1974-

Carlson, Alvar W. Geography, 1965-

Carlson, Lois M. Supervising Teacher, CES, 1953-

Carlson, Steven A. Natural Resources Planning & Interpretation, 1983-2004

Carlson, Warren J. Psychology, 1968-1998

Carlton, Karen A. English, 1983-2004, Awards

Carney, William. French, 1966-

Carothers, Dorothy J. Nursing, 1967-

Carranco, Lynwood F. Language Arts, 1956-

Carroll, James W. Sociology, 1958-1986, Awards

Carson, Jane. Domestic Art, Manual Art, 1916-

Carstens, Ruth Riley. Recorder, 1936-

Cartlich, Lucy H. Home Economics, 1925-

Carver, Gary A. Geology, 1973-1998, Awards

Cashman, Susan M. Geology (structural geology), 1977-

Cass, George T. Education, 1926-

Cattelain, Fernand. French, Spanish, 1925-

Cavan Frisch, Noreen. Nursing, 1990-

Chacon, Ramon D. Ethnic Studies, 1977-

Chadwick, Sharon S. Library, 1980-2013

Chaffey, Kay Gott. Physical Education, 1952-1983

Chain, John S. Medical officer, 1964-

Chamberlin, Charles E. Environmental Resources Engineering, 1983-, Awards

Chaney, Ronald C. Engineering, 1981-2004

Chao, Lincoln. Business Admistration, 1960-

Chapman, Barbara M. Business, CIS, 1970-1994

Chase, Winn E. Industrial Arts, 1958-1980

Chausse, Mary Ann. Library, 1963-

Cheek, Frank J. Physical Education, 1969-2000

Chew, Sing. Sociology, 1990-

Cheyne, Bernadette. Theatre, Film & Dance, 1990-, Awards

Childers, Barbara. Social Work, 1989-

Chinn, Leung. Physics, 1968-2000

Chinn, Phyllis Z. Mathematics, Women's Studies, 1975-2005, Awards

Choong, Elvin T. Forestry, 1963-

Christensen, Leonard. Education, Dean of Students, 1949-

Christenson, Carolyn. Health & Physical Education., 1989-

Chu, Kai. Business Information Systems, 1979-2008

Chu, Wen-Sen. Environmental Resources Engineering, Water Resources, 1979-

Clark, George W. Physical Education, 1927-

Clark, Thomas J. Chemistry, 1959-2000, Awards

Clasquin, Deborah. Music (keyboard), 1985-

Clawson, Lavere E. Counseling & Testing, 1967-

Clayton, Walter. Former Superintendent from Nevada, 1914-

Clendenning, Lester M. Physical Science, 1958-2001

Cline, Gilbert D. Music (Jazz trumpet brass), 1982-

Cluxton, Henry T. Education, 1927-

Coats, Marvis S. Art, 1974-

Cochran, Robert A. Music, 1973-

Colburn, Helen L. Instruction, 1930-

Cole, Robert C Jr. Speech & Hearing, 1970-1980

Coleman, John M. Geography, 1964-1993

Collins, Chester C. Education, Psychology, 1956-1979

Colwell, Mark A. Wildlife, 1987-

Connett, Russell R. Business Administration, 1960-1980

Conrad, Warren. Physical Education, 1948-

Cooper, Charles F. Game & Range Management, 1958-

Cooper, Charlotte A. Education (supervising teacher), 1952-1975

Cooper, Henry C Jr. Physical Education, 1957-

Cooper, Viola. Supervising Teacher, 1952-

Cope, Lonnie D. Physics, 1961-

Corbett, Kathryn L. Social Science, Sociology, Women's Studies, 1952-1980, Awards Facilities

Corcoran, John B. Agriculture, 1914-

Corcoran, Mildred L. Home Economics, 1914-

Cornejo, Rafael E. Spanish, 1972-2000

Cornelius, Sarah R. Education, 1945-

Costa, Steven L. Oceanography, 1979-

Coulter, Ronald G. Forestry, 1961-

Covington, Richard J L. Education Supervising Teacher, 1955-

Cox, Richard D. Theatre Arts, 1977-

Coyne, Peter M. Speech, 1968-1996

Cozyris, George A. Theatre Arts, 1981-

Craig, Ann V. Physical Education, 1931-

Craigie, David E. Fisheries, NRPI, 1967-1991, Awards

Crandell, George F. Oceanography, 1966-1994

Cranston, Frederick P Jr. Math, Physics, 1962-1985, Awards Facilities

Cranston, Jerneral W. Theater Arts, Women's Studies, 1969-1992, Awards

Crawford, Greg. Oceanography, 1997-

Crawford, James W. Art, 1977-2007

Creadon, Mary Ann. English, 1986-

Crist, Jerneral W. Theater Arts, 1969-

Crockett, David S. Foreign Languages, 1969-

Crone, William J. Music (trombone jazz), 1992-

Crosbie, Jane Marie. Nursing, 1980-2000

Crosbie, Paul V. Sociology, 1969-

Crosby-Muilenburg, Corryn. Library, 1984-2005

Crow, James P. Journalism, 1961-

Crowe, Kathleen. Mathematics, 1994-

Crowe, Martha M. Education, 1972-1982

Crown, Paula J. Nursing, 1980-

Crum, E R. Parent-Teacher Work, 1929-

Cunha, Stephen. Geography, 1996-

Cunningham, James R. Institutional Research, 1958-

Curiel, Barbara. English, Ethnic Studies, Women's Studies, 1997-

Dale, Dorothy Lucile. Instruments, 1938-

Dalianes, Athan H. Housing Coordinator, 1960-

Dalsant, John Barry. English, 1970-2004, Awards

Daly, Reginald. Physics, 1957-

Daly, Stephen J. Creative Arts, 1969-

Daniel, William R. Political Science (American Government), 1972-2007, Awards

Dasmann, Raymond F. Biological Science, 1954-

Davey, William G. Speech Communication, 1973-

Davies, L R. Science, Agriculture, Horticulture, Nature Study, Geography, General Science, 1915-

Davies, Sarah. President, 1930-

Davis, A J. Educational Psychology, 1914-, Facilities

Davis, Clyde E. Chemistry, 1969-2000

Davis, E Mike. Physical Education, 1990-

Day, Richard C. English, 1959-1987

de Angelis, Marie. Oceanography, 1989-2004

De La Torre, Angelina. Ethnic Studies, 1974-

De Witt, John W. Biological Science, 1949-

Dean, Mark E. Physical Education, 1955-

Deatsman, Gerald A. Music, 1967-

Deike, Evelyn J. Physical Education, 1967-1985, Awards

Del Biaggio, Edward. Business manager, 1974-

Delay, Theodore S Jr. Speech, Radio, 1947-

Delson, Jane. Speech, English, 1964-

DeMartini, John D. Biology, 1963-1999, Awards

Dengler, Lori. Geology (geophysics), 1979-

Derden, James K Jr. Philosophy, 1969-2000

Desantis, Kathryn M. Nursing, 1976-

Devall, William B. Sociology, 1968-1994

Devery, Frank E. Business manager, 1951-1974

Devine, Edward T. Lecturer, 1927-

Devitt, Nell R. Business, 1969-

Dewitt, John W Jr. Fisheries, 1949-1978

Dickerson, Robert F. Economics, 1959-1983, Awards

Dickson, Belle L. Education, College Elementary School, 1927-1948

DiCostanzo, Charles M. Art, 1973-2000

Diez, Andres. Modern Languages, 1988-2005

Diver-Stamnes, Ann C. Teacher Preparation (single subjects), 1987-, Awards

Dixon, Chip. Computing Science, 1984-

Dobkin, Bette. Speech, 1955-

Dobkin, Milton. Speech, Academic Affairs, 1955-1983, Awards

Dobsonwallis, Katherine. Nursing, 1975-

Dodge, Jim. English, 1996-

Dohn, H Phillip. Health & Physical Education, 1973-

Donart, Gary B. Range Management, 1966-

Donley, Richard W. History, 1960-

Doornink, Robert H. Physical Education, 1954-

Doty, Kathleen L. English, Linguistics, 1989-

Drag, Francis L. Education, 1943-

Dreyer, Charles J. Industrial Education, 1941-

Duffy, Walt. Fisheries, 1997-

Duncan, Brent B. Psychology, 1990-

Dupree, James. Psychology, 1989-

Dupris, Joseph C. Native American Studies, 1998-

Durgin, Phillip B. Geology, Research Geologist, Pacific Coastal Forest & Range Experiment Station

Dwivedi, Prem. Business Administration, 1975-

Dyer, George Rolf. Health & Physical Education, 1964-

Early, Thomas. Philosophy, Religious Studies, 1971-2001

Edege-Nissen, Susan R. Nursing, 1978-

Edens, Horatio. Music, 1980-

Edminister, Robert B. Economics, 1952-

Edwards, Vicki. Nursing (General), 1972-

Egerer, Gerald V. Economics, 1964-

Eichstedt, Jenifer. Sociology, 1995-

Eikenbery, Doris R. Art, Music, C.E.S., 1956-

Eldridge, Michael S. English, 1995-

Elkins, Robert S. Education, 1986-1992

Elmore, Bettye. Psychology, 1977-2007

Emenhiser, JeDon A. Political Science, 1977-2004

Engel, Elizabeth. Philosophy, 1973-

Ensen, Richard J. Speech Communication, 1974-

Epperson, Larry L. Physics, 1961-

Erickson, Floyd R. Library, 1948-

Erskine, Janice M. Psychology, 1965-, Awards

Erswell, Alma Waldron. English, Speech, 1923-

Erwin, Joseph M. Psychology; Director, Mattole Center for Science & Education, 1980-

Eschenbach, Elizabeth. Environmental Resources Engineering, 1995-

Eschker, Erick. Business, Economics, 1997-

Esget, Miles H. Education, 1959-1983

Estrada, George Jr. Journalism, Mass Communication, 1997-2010

Evans, Sterling. History, 1998-

Everding, Robert G. Theatre Arts, 1988-1997

Everett, Helen A. Library, 1939-1967

Everett, Yvonne. NRPI, 1998-

Ewigleben, Robert L. Administrative Affairs, 1965-

Exley, Alan J. Coach/Men' s Soccer, Health & PE, 1985-

Fagot, Joann B. Political Science, 1968-

Fairless, Ben. Social Work, 1968-1999

Fairless, Victor B. Social Welfare, 1968-

Falkenberg, Carolyn N. Business Admistration, 1958-

Falkenberg, Fred P. Physical Eduation, 1925-

Farley, Jane F. Oral Expression Story Telling, Primary Literature Dramatics, 1916-

Farr, David. Biological Science, 1962-

Farr, Mary Bertram. Home Economics, 1952-1971

Farruggia, Joseph A. Music, 1965-1995

Felt, Ida A. Arithmetic, History, 1916-

Ferguson, Eleanor G. Nursing Community Health, 1972-, Awards

Ferrett, Sharon K. Continuing Education, 1976-

Fetzer, Leland A. Library, 1956-

Figone, Albert J. Physical Education, 1980-2003

Finney, Brad A. Environmental Resources Engineering, Water Quality, Water Resources, 1979-

Fish, Edward J. Music, 1963-

Fisher, Raymond H. Social Science, 1938-

Fishman, Theodore. Physics, 1969-

Fitzgerald, Donald G. Physics, 1964-

Flashman, Martin E. Mathematics, 1981-

Fleming, Margaret D. Education, 1947-

Fletcher, Alan R. Philosophy, 1976-

Fletcher, Max E. Economics, 1957-

Flora, Barbara. English, 1963-

Flye, Richard C. Music, 1949-

Folsom, Elma Mccann. English, 1930-

Fong, Raymond G. Speech, 1961-

Forbes, Joseph. Physical Education, 1946-1972, Facilities

Foss, Karen A. Speech Communication, 1976-, Awards

Fowler, Rena K. Librarian, 1992-

Fox, Lawrence III. Forestry, 1976-2004

Fox, Stephen C. History, 1969-1999

Frakes, Albert H. Business, 1967-

Frances, Susan. Psychology, Women' s Studies, 1973-2001

Freeland, Forrest Dean Jr. Watershed Management, 1967-1983

Freiwald, Kathleen P. Psychology, 1971-

Freixas, Claudio J. Spanish, 1965-1983

Friel, Merle. Mathematics, 1973-1994, Awards

Frisch, Noreen. Nursing, 1990-1998

Frischer, Patricia. Art, 1977-

Fritzsche, Ronald A. Fisheries, 1980-2004, Awards

Froelich, Henry A. Forestry, 1958-

Frost, Nancy J. Child Development, 1971-2002

Frye, Robert W. Business Administration, 1985-1992

Fuld, Helen. Facilities

Fulgham, Kenneth 0. Range Management (Range Nutrition), 1978-

Fulkerson, Charles E. Music, 1942-1977, Facilities

Fulkerson, Jean C. Violocello, 1942-

Fulton, Gloria J. Librarian, 1970-2000

Fulton, Lloyd G. History, 1970-2000, Awards

Fults, Gail J. Business Administration, 1986-

Gaasch, Isabel. Foreign Languages, 1977-

Gaasch, James E. French, Spanish, 1976-2001, Awards

Gaddis, Shirley. Physical Science, 1948-

Gage, John. Social Welfare, 1975-

Gage, Thomas E. English, 1976-2000

Gagliano, Victor J. Bacteriology (Microbiology), 1972-

Gai, John. Social Work, 1975-2003

Gaines, Nettie S. Literature, 1916-

Gallagher, Thomas I. Natural Resources Planning & Interpretation, 1976-

Galloway, Richard Dean. Library, 1947-

Gans, William T. Geology, 1969-

Garcelon, Doris M. Library, 1931-

Garcia, Daniel. English, 1963-

Garland, Vesta. Correspondence Department, 1918-

Garlick, G Donald. Geology, 1969-1998

Garrett, Ronald L. Wildlife Management, 1974-

Garvin, Helen M. Music, 1938-

Gast, James A. Oceanography, 1961-1992

Gaugle, Ruth M. Business, 1956-

Gearheart, Robert. Engineering (Water Quality, Solid Waste Management), 1975-1998, Awards Facilities

Gelenian, Keri. Education, 1998-

Genelly, Richard E. Wildlife Management & Conservation, 1956-1980

George, Anne. Domestic Science, Art, 1917-

George, T Luke. Wildlife, 1987-

George, Vivienne L. News & Information Service, 1957-

Gerrish, Howard H. Industrial Arts, 1969 -1972, Facilities

Giczkowski, William. English, 1969-

Giddings, Frances. Education, 1936-

Gilchrist, Richard D. Biology (Vertebrates, Endocrinology), 1969-1998

Gillespie, Alan R. Geology, 1988-

Gillespie, Alba M. Political Science, Graduate Studies, 1962-1988

Gillespie, Doris Kildale. Biological Science, 1938-

Gilmartin, Brian G. Sociology, 1970-

Gilmore, Willis C. Speech Pathology, 1969-

Gimbel, John. History, 1959-1983, Awards

Giovannetti, Joseph. Native American Studies, 1998-

Girard, Edward. Students (Guidance) Education, Psychology, 1952-

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Zoellner, Robert. Chemistry, 1998-

Zulauf, Dwight J. Business Administration, 1985-1990

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