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Named Facilities

Bench outside of Department of Nursing, Gist Hall (23) E-6
Paul C Murdock

Arcata Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary, Sanctuary, Arcata Marsh and Wildlife Preserve
Robert Gearheart
one of original designers

Astrology sculpture, Sculpture., located near Library
Harry S Kieval
donated by Kieval

Balabanis House, House, C-6
Homer P Balabanis

Buchanan Room, Room, in University Center(45) E-3
1977, Kate Buchanan
the Alumnus, pg. 6, May 1981

Buck House, House, (97) I-10
Whitney W Jr Buck

BullenGallery, Art Complex, Art Complex (2B) F-4
in 1978, Newell Reese Bullen
Humboldt Stater, 1985

Charles and Barbara Parke Laboratory, Laboratory, Astronomy Observatory on Ficklehill Rd.
dedicated in 1999, E Charles Jr Parke
The Arcata Eye 5/27/97; the Alumnus pg. 7, Sept. 1971

Charles M. Roscoe Material Science Laboratory, Laboratory, Science Complex D, room 23 (3D) H-6
Charles M Roscoe

College Seal, College Seal, Between Founders Hall and Student Center
Homer P Balabanis

Corbett Conference Room, Room, Siemens Hall, room 222; (1) D-4
Kathryn L Corbett

Cranston House, House, N-9
Frederick P Jr Cranston

Creative Arts Complex, Building, (2A) F-3
11 February 1976, Homer P Balabanis

Davis House, House, C-9
A J Davis

Forbes Physical Education Complex, Building, (15) 24A-D
Joseph Forbes
the Alumnus, pg. 3, 1973; building dedication booklet, Sept. 27, 1952

Fulkerson Music Recital Hall, Hall, (8B) E-4
Charles E Fulkerson
the Alumnus, pg. 6, July 1978.

Gerrish Electronics Laboratory, Laboratory, Jenkins Hall, ground level (7) F-5
Howard H Gerrish

Gist Hall, Building, (23) E-6
Arthur S Gist
the Alumnus, pg. 3, 1972

Goodwin Forum, Room, Nelson Hall, room 102 (14) D-3
Charles A Goodwin

Hadley House, House, (56) B6
Gordon Hadley

Harry D. MacGinitie Lecture Hall, Room, Science Complex B, room 135 (3B) H-6
Harry D Macginitie

Harry Griffith Hall, Building, Education and Pyschology Building (4) F-9
Harry E Griffith

Helen Fuld Nursing Resources Room, Room, Gist Hall, room 120 (23) E-6
Helen Fuld

Jenkins Hall, Building, (7) F-5
Horace R (Pop) Jenkins

Jenkins House, House, (99) J-11
Horace R (Pop) Jenkins

Jensen House, House, (94) I-11

Johnson Conference Room, Room, Plant Operations Building, end of hall on first floor (46) F-13
William T Johnson

Karshner House, House, (47) J-9
Don W Karshner

Karshner Lounge, Lounge, in University Center (45) E-3
Don W Karshner

McCaughey Conference Room, Room, Student and Business Services Building, room 425 (100) E-8
Timothy H Mccaughey

McLean Forestry Computer Lab., Laboratory, in Forestry Building (5) I-8
Lester S McLean

McMahan House, House, (80) H-11

Nelson Hall West and East, Building, Nelson Hall West (14), Nelson Hall East (D3)
M Viola Nelson

Peithman Electronics Laboratory, Laboratory, Science Complex A, room 370 (3A) H-6
Roscoe E Peithman

Power Transportation Builing, Building, (9)B-10
James D Turner
dedication booklet, May 5, 1966

Siemens Hall, Building, (1) D-4
renamed and dedicated on 30 November 1977, Cornelius H Siemens
The Alumnus, pg. 1, 1979; pg. 6, July 1978

Statue, Statue, Outside of Van Duzer Theatre
Richard L. Anderson

Swetman Child Development Lab., Laboratory, (31) E-9
Ralph W Swetman
Humboldt Stater 6(4): 12. Winter, 1981

Telonicher House, House, (54) C-5
Fred Telonicher

Telonicher Marine Laboratory, Building, in Trinidad
dedicated in 1978, Fred Telonicher
the Alumnus, pg. 6, July 1978; pg. 8, September 1979; Humboldt Stater 5(1/2): 18 spring, summer 1979

The Hortense M. Lanphere Fish Hatchery Room, Room/Laboratory, in Fish Hatchery Complex (35) J-7
Hortense M Lanphere

Van Duzer Theatre, Theatre, Theatre Arts Bldg (10) D5
John H Van Duzer

Van Matre Hall, Building, (26) G-4
N B Van Matre
Humboldt Stater 6(4): 12. Winter, 1981

Wagner, House, Wagner House (73) A6
Leon Wagner

Watson Case Room, Room, in Siemens Hall (1) D-4 for the school of business
dedicated to Frank Watson by Po Chung, Frank Watson

William Lanphere Laboratory, Laboratory, Science Complex A, room 362 (3A) H-6
William Lanphere

William Vinyard Bench, Bench, in walkway between soccer field and Science D; on southside of Science D
William C. Vinyard