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Giving to Special Collections

Cal Poly Humboldt Special Collections is the region’s premier location to research the history and communities of northwestern California. We provide open access to Humboldt students and researchers from around the world to a unique collection of photographs, maps, rare books, and archival materials. By providing paid student employment opportunities and internships, Special Collections is working to add archival material to our ever expanding digital collections while training the next generation of archivists and librarians.

How will your donation to Humboldt Special Collections make an impact? Special Collections preserves and provides access to a unique array of material related to northwestern California. Your support means researchers from around the world can understand our community’s history and make connections to strengthen our community’s future.

Cal Poly Humboldt Special Collections:

  • Preserves thousands of unique primary source materials for future generations of researchers
  • Provides public access to archival materials related to northwestern California
  • Digitizes archival documents for public access online
  • Trains the next generation of public historians and researchers through internships and student employment opportunities
  • Works with community partners, tribal governments, and nonprofits to create digital and physical collections
  • Provides hand-on primary source instruction to hundreds of Humboldt students every semester
  • Connects students with community partners to support research that will impact Humboldt County’s future

Cal Poly Humboldt Special Collections offers unique research opportunities, which include the Library Scholar Internship program. Students form deep connections with the community’s history by using the archives in Humboldt Special Collections. Interns work with community partners to make Humboldt’s past integral to its future growth. Students build digital exhibits that expand access and provide context for future generations, and students work with the Special Collections Librarian to access or create new archives related to the history of the University and our region. Endowing a Library Specialist, Special Collections Intern, or building our regional collection advances the preservation of our unique history and makes that history relevant for today and tomorrow - positively transforming the lives of students, and in turn, positively transforming the world.

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