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In addition to the items cataloged for the Humboldt County Collection and Archives, which are listed in the Cal Poly Humboldt Library Catalog and shelved in the Special Collections Reading Room, other collections exist. Major collections have their own web pages as well as a record in the Library Catalog. This list includes both major collections, with links to the collection web pages, as well as other collections which are available on a much more limited basis, as noted. Some collections may not be available for use; please consult the Special Collections Librarian if you are interested in one of these collections.

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Alternative Waste Disposal Collection (available by appointment)
Compost toilet, United Stand, County/State policy; 1976-1980; 1 box
Arcata Ballot Measure G Collection (available by appointment)
Arcata sales tax measure; 2007-2008 bulk; .3 cubic feet
Arcata City Collection (available by appointment)
Unofficial documents; 1895-1977 bulk; 5 cubic feet
Arcata Historical Resources Survey 2012 (available by appointment, use finding aid)
Arcata; historic buildings and structures; 1850s-2012; 3,697 electronic files
Archives (portions are processed, use the Library Catalog and the web page)
University history; 1913 to present
Articles of Incorporation (unprocessed, available by appointment)
1800s-1970s, in alphabetical order (see also State Archives); 15 boxes
Balke Collection (available by appointment)
Crannell, Little River Redwood Company; 1906-1963; 2 cubic feet
Barnum (Charles R.) Collection (individual titles cataloged)
Humboldt County history, student papers; 1956 to present
Bayside Grange Collection (unprocessed, not available for use)
Bayside Grange activities; 1930s-2000s; 8 cubic feet
Becking (Rudolf W.) Collection (available by appointment, use finding aid)
Natural resources, Redwood National Park, Cal Poly Humboldt, Arcata, Humboldt Bay; 1940-2009; 103 boxes, 122 cubic feet
Belcher Atlas of Humboldt County (available online)
Parcel ownership, natural and built features; 1921-1922; 25 sheets
Bloom (Charles) Slide Collection (available by appointment)
Northwestern California, Humboldt State; 1952-1989; approximately 6,900 slides
Boyle Photograph Collection (1,795 images online, use finding aid)
Trinidad, Crannell, logging, 1900-1960s; 2 boxes
Buckley (Thomas) Collection (available by appointment, use finding aid)
Yurok Indians, northwestern California; 1960s-1990s; 6 cubic feet
Butler Valley Dam Collection (available by appointment)
Butler Valley Dam (proposed), Mad River; 1966-1973; 1 box
California Revealed (available online)
Historical moving images and audio from Cal Poly Humboldt. Digitized through the the California Audiovisual Preservation Project; 1947-2000; 146 digitized recordings
Carranco (Lynwood) Papers (available by appointment, use finding aid)
Northwestern California history, Yuki Indians, Humboldt Bay, Samoa, Shipwrecks; 1850s-1997; 10.5 cubic feet/11 boxes
Center for Indian Community Development (CICD) Collection (available by appointment, use finding aid)
American Indian languages, Northwestern California; 1966-2013; ca 200 cubic feet
chronic freedom series by Scott Holmquist (available by appointment, individual titles cataloged)
Marijuana, Southern Humboldt County; 1960s-2010; 5 hand-made artist's books
Clausen (Don) Congressional Papers (available by appointment, use finding aid)
Congressional Papers; 1963-1983; 144 boxes 
Clay (Charles Irving) Papers (available by appointment, use finding aid)
Oology, Birds, Correspondence; 1892-1918; .5 linear feet
College Elementary School (CES) Collection (available by appointment)
History of CES, 1991 CES Reunion; 1920s-1991; 4 cubic feet
Courtney (Claire) Collection (available by appointment, use finding aid)
Human rights organizations, Humboldt County; 1960s-1990s; 3 boxes
Dunning (Joan) Collection (available by appointment, use finding aid)
Headwaters Forest, Pacific Lumber Company, environmental activism; 1990s; 2 boxes
Ellinwood (Jud), Salmon and Steelhead Restoration Collection
Citizen advocacy for salmon restoration especially in Northwest California and statewide in California
Environmental Protection Information Center (EPIC) Collection (unprocessed, not available for use)
Citizen activism, Northwestern California; 1970s-2000s; 50 cubic feet
Environmental Protection Information Center (EPIC)/Headwaters Court Cases Collection (available by appointment)
Citizen activism, Northwestern California; 1944-2005 (inclusive), 1990-1999 (bulk); 42 cubic feet
Environmental Research Consulting (ERC) files (unprocessed, not available for use)
Engineering consulting firm projects; 1970s; 16 boxes + maps
Ericson Photograph Collection (497 images online, use finding aid)
Lumber industry, Native Americans, Northwestern California; 1880s-1920s
Escola Photograph Collection (available)
Logging and ships, Mendocino coast; 1870s-1920; 3 binders of 8x10 copy prints
Eureka Waterfront Litigation Collection (available by appointment, use finding aid)
Eureka Tidelands litigation, Humboldt Bay; 1850-1980s; 7 boxes, oversized exhibits
Fairbanks Photo Album (available by appointment)
Salmon River Road (construction), Klamath River; 1920-1925; 1 album
Fairless (Alexandra) Campaign Collection (available by appointment)
Arcata City Council; 1972-2010; 1.2 linear feet
Fish and Game Slides of Ralph B. McCormick (available by appointment)
Streams, logging, fisheries; 1950s; ca. 200 slides
Fort Baker/Porter Family Collection (available by appointment)
Sheep ranching, southeastern Humboldt County; ca. 1875-1912; 1 box
Fountain (Susie Baker) Papers (available, use finding aid)
Northwestern California history; 1850s-1960s; 128 volumes, including mf
 Galloway (R.Dean) Papers (available by appointment)
Humboldt State University Library; University of Tehran; 1956-1968; .5 cubic feet
Genzoli (Andrew) Collection (available by appointment, use finding aid)
Photographs, newspaper history, Ferndale, agriculture; 1850-1984; 57 cubic feet
Gist (Arthur) Letters (available by appointment)
World War II correspondence to President Gist from students; 1940s; 3 boxes
Harris (Ina & Noel) Collections (under construction, 2 available by appointment, 3rd not available)
Labor unions, supplements the RDC Collection (5), homeless, includes Mitchell Redner Center (9), personal papers (Ina - 41); 1940s-1990s; 55 boxes
Herman (Morris) Collection (available by appointment)
Arcata, Local Poet; 1960-1993; .25 cubic feet
Herrick Land Survey and Map Collection (available, use finding aid)
Maps by Herrick Surveying firm; 1890-1930; 251 items
Hover Photograph Collection (48 images online, use finding aid)
Karuk Indians, Indian baskets, Klamath River; 1900-1920; 1 binder of 8x10 in copy prints and online
Hoyle (True) Collection (available by appointment)
Arcata; 1880-2001; 1 box
Humboldt University Archives Pamphlet Collection (available by appointment, use container list)
Cal Poly Humboldt University History, all subjects; 1913 to present; 30 File drawers
Humboldt University Oral Histories (available online)
Cal Poly Humboldt history; 1910s-2000s; 3 groups of tapes
Humboldt University Public Affairs Collection (available by appointment, use finding aid)
Cal Poly Humboldt University, news releases, photographs; ca. 1930s-early 2000s; ca. 60 cubic feet
Humboldt University Theses and Projects (individual titles cataloged)
All subjects; 1950-to date
Humboldt County Records (unprocessed, not available for use)
Assessment Rolls, 1852-1949, some Tax Collectors Cash Books, Sheriff's Register of Warrants, Poll Tax & Military Roll, etc. Assessment Rolls have been microfilmed and are available at the Humboldt County Library; approximately 1,050 oversize volumes
Humboldt Watershed Council Collection (unprocessed, not available for use)
Citizen activism; 1990s-2000s; 40 cubic feet
Indigenous Living Biographies Collection (available by appointment)
Native American oral histories; 1999-2001; 56 compact discs
Klamath Forest Alliance Collection (available by appointment, use finding aid)
Klamath-Siskiyou Bioregion, citizen activism, forest management policy; 1980s-2000s; 94 cubic feet
Louisiana Pacific/Hammond Lumber Company Collection (available by appointment, use finding aid)
Corporation records (including maps, architectural drawings, photos), Samoa; 1880s-1980s; 14 map file cases (ca 3,300 maps) & 63 boxes
Map Collection (available, use finding aid)
Northwestern California, historical, geologic, etc. maps; 1850 to present
Marijuana Research Collection (available)
CAMP Reports, Faculty research, Newspaper clippings; 1968-
Mattole Watershed Alliance (available by appointment)
Mattole River Watershed, fisheries, salmon; 1990s; .5 cubic feet
McKay (Tim) Collection (available, use finding aid)
Northwestern California environmental history, 1900s-2006; 60 cu ft. 
McKay (Tim) Postcard Collection (available, use finding aid)
Postcards, Northwestern California; 1900s-2005; approximately 5,000 cards, 17 binders
Music Archive (available)
Humboldt Music Department performance flyers; 1968-to date
Native American Collections at the Cal Poly Humboldt Library
Natural Resources Guides by Robert Sathrum
Neill Photo Album (available by appointment)
Scotia, Pacific Lumber Company; 1908-1913; 1 album
Newspaper Collection (available in Special Collections and by appointment, use indexes)
Northwestern California, all subjects; 1850s to present; 3 map filing drawers
Northcoast Environmental Center (NEC) Collection (unprocessed, not available for use)
Citizen activism; bulk 2000s; 15 cubic feet
Northwestern California Forest Communities (available online)
Themed collection with representative examples from several collections
Old Timers Recordings (unprocessed, available by appointment)
30 minute radio show recordings of Humboldt County people, inventory available by appointment; late 1940s; Approximately 60 interviews (Humboldt County Historical Society also has a set and the inventory)
Onstine (Frank) Collection (unprocessed, available by appointment)
Northwestern California, Labor history; 1960s-1990s; 1 cubic foot
Palmquist (Peter E.) Working Photograph Collection (3,700 images online, use finding aid)
Photographic negatives and study prints, Northwestern California; 1870s-1920s; approximately 5,000 images, 3,700 are online
Palmquist/Yale Digital Collection (740 images online; use finding aid)
Scanned photos from the Palmquist Collections at the Beinecke Library, Yale University; 740 images are online
Palmquist's Lucy Thompson File (available by appointment)
Yurok Indians; 1895-1992; .5 cubic foot 
Pamphlet Collection (available, use subject list)
Northwestern California, all subjects; 1850s to present; 40 File drawers
Partain Photograph Collection (available)
Logging; northwestern California; ca. 1890-1920; 3 binders of 8x10 copy prints
Photograph Collection (available in the Humboldt Room, index searchable online)
Northwestern California, all subjects; 1880s-1980s; 4 filing drawers

Rare Books Collection - Cal Poly Humboldt Special Collections (individual titles cataloged)

Redwood District Council of Lumber & Sawmill Workers Collection (available by appointment, use finding aid)
Lumber unions; 1940-1985; 125 boxes + oversize exhibits
Roberts Photograph Collection (536 images online, use finding aid)
Klamath River, Yurok and Tolowa Indians; 1915-1933; all 536 photos are online
Sacks Photograph Collection (available)
Carson Mansion, William Carson; (dates?); 1 binder of 8x10 copy prints
Salmon Archive (available outside Special Collections)
Depository collection for West Coast Steelhead, Coho, and Chinook; 1900s-1980s; 4 filing cabinets
Samoa - A Lumber Company Town (available online)
Samoa, company towns, lumbering;1880s-1980s; 125 architectural drawings and maps
Save the Redwoods League - Humboldt County Group (available by appointment)
Northwestern California; 1919-1934; 1 box
Schoenrock Photograph Collection (104 images online, use finding aid)
Requa, Klamath River, canneries, Yurok Indians; 1890-1925; 104 photos
Schwarzkopf (Chet) Newspaper Columns (available online)
60 columns on Humboldt County places, originally published in the Humboldt Times; 1948-1950
Shuster Aerial Photograph Collection (2,300 images online, use finding aid)
Northwestern California; 1946-mid1960s; approximately 2,300 negatives
Shuster Photograph Collection (available by appointment)
Northwestern California; 1942-1990s; 2.5 cubic feet
Smith (Norman R.) Collection (available by appointment)
Moonstone Beach, Trinidad, diaries; 1918-1938; 3 cubic feet/ 5 boxes
Smith River Rancheria Archive (available, use finding aid)
Tolowa Indians; 1850s-1980s; 52 CDs
Steenfott Photograph Collection (available)
Humboldt County, all subjects, 1860-? Humboldt County Library also has; 9 binders of 8x10 copy prints
Stewart (Connie) Arcata City Council Collection (available by appointment)
Arcata politics and government; 1988-2004 bulk; 9 cubic feet
Stewart (Connie) Assemblywoman Patty Berg Field Office Collection (available by appointment)
Humboldt/Del Norte/Trinity Counties; bulk 2003-2008; 18 cubic feet
Strope (Glady) Collection (available by appointment, use finding aid)
Mental health issues, Humboldt County and California; 1960s-1990s; 9 boxes
Stutz (Jodie) Papers (available by appointment)
Cal Poly Humboldt English Dept., Toyon; 1980s; 2 cubic feet
Swanlund-Baker Photograph Collection (1,001 images online, use finding aid)
Northwestern California, tanbark industry; 1904-1910; 1001 copy prints
Theatre Arts Archive (available by appointment)
Theatre Arts Department performances, photos and playbills; 1925-1991, bulk 1955-1977; 3 boxes plus oversize
Thornburgh Timber Maps (available, use finding aid)
Lumber industry, Hammond/Georgia Pacific/Louisiana Pacific; 1900s-1970s; 400 items
Tooby and Prior Photo Album (available by appointment)
Blocksburg, ranch life; 1903-1915; 1 album
Union Labor Hospital Collection (unprocessed, available by appointment)
Logging, medical insurance, northwestern California; dates?; 8 boxes
Van Deventer (Ruby) Collection (unprocessed, available by appointment)
Flora of Del Norte County; specimens in the University Herbarium; dates?; 2 boxes
Van Kirk (Susie) Papers (unprocessed, contact Special Collections Librarian for access)
Humboldt County history, newspapers, and architecture; 1884-2014; 26 boxes
Vinyard (Lucille) Papers (unprocessed, not available for use)
Redwood National Park, diaries, environmental activisim, and California Coastal Commission; 1951-2013; 109 boxes
Warren Photograph Collection (available by appointment, use finding aid)
Little River Redwood Company, Crannell; 1880s-1954; 74 images online
Western Air Photo Collection (58 images online)
Aerial photographs of farms in Humboldt County; 1940s-1950; 58 images