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True Hoyle Collection - Finding Aid

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Contact Information

The University Library, Special Collections
Cal Poly Humboldt
One Harpst Street
Arcata, California 95521 l

Processed By

Alexander Garcia

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Collection Creator

True Hoyle

Dates Covered by Collection

1880-2001 (date span)

Size of Collection

20 x 14 x 3.5 inches


The True Hoyle collection consists of photographs, newspapers clippings, and documents related to True Dolson Hoyle and her family spanning two generations. In addition, there are transcribed letters written between True and her family when she attended Humboldt State University. This collection documents the Dolson Hoyle family who were prominent members of the Humboldt County community.


Open for research by appointment.


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Acquisition Information

This collection was donated from Jennifer Mhiel on behalf of True Dolson Hoyle.

Biographical Information

True Hoyle is the daughter of one the pioneer families of Humboldt County. In the 1920s she attended Humboldt State before transferring to University of California Davis in 1940 to earn her a degree in Animal Science. In 1971, she earned a Master's of Science in Plant Science from California State University of Fresno. As for public service, in 1946, she started working with Red Cross and the ministry of migrant workers while teaching at public schools. Her volunteer work continued when she moved to Fresno in 1965. There she worked with local migrant workers. In 1983, seeking a peaceful retirement in Humboldt Country, Hoyle continued to work with local groups like the Arcata Group of Presbyterian Women and Women of the Redwoods Presbytern. In addition, she was a member of the Redwood Forest Chapter of Daughters of the American Revolution, the Historic Sites Society of Arcata, Arcata's Woman's Club, Native Daughters of the Golden West Parlor, and Society of Humboldt County Pioneers. True Hoyle's activism throughout California is defining characteristic of her life.

Scope and Content of the Collection

The True Hoyle collection consists of photographs of True Dolson Hoyle and her family members. In addition, there are letters that have been transcribed, article clippings, postcards, and a transcribed interview.

Arrangement of Collection

This collection is arranged according to mediums. Users may access this collection through the Humboldt Special Collections.

All the original photographs, letters, and documents have been retained. The collection was received with no preconceived arrangement, so it was organized based on mediums. Photographs were divided based on the nature of content and features. Portraits, group photos, and landscapes were divided into folders. This became the most sensible way to arrange a collection with no other reoccurring themes and motifs. The materials outside of folders were placed there because they were too large. Also taken into account was their delicate nature, so they should be handled with care.

Container List

Series: Photographs

Subseries: Portraits

Folder 1

  1. [Portrait of Native American]
  2. Bella Bariqe
  3. Eugene Bronx "Jenny" Devlin Brown
  4. Elizabeth Burchard grandmother of Beth Brizard
  5. Augusta Frechicka Dolson
  6. Dave Dolson—Born Dec. 24, 1884, Death May 11, 1935
  7. Milo John Falor
  8. Pleney Falor (Aruhur Plenius)
  9. Josip Houda
  10. True Dolson Hoyle in the 1990s
  11. Isaac Leland, I.L. Moxon 1887-1963
  12. Leland Maxon 1887-1963
  13. Daphne Parton
  14. Daphne P. Parton
  15. [Negative and Picture of Percy Norton]
  16. Atlant Roberts
  17. Beverly Roberts
  18. [Mel Roberts as a child]
  19. Melvin Parker Robert III—Arcata High School Graduation Picture 1936
  20. Melvin Parker Roberts III—6 months old
  21. Melvin Parker Roberts III [in military uniform]
  22. Ross Roberts—High School Arcata

Folder 2

  1. [Elizabeth Bertrand, District President of Federated Women's Club]
  2. Atlant Roberts Dolson
  3. Cavy Dolson
  4. True Dolson Hoyle [in her 20s]
  5. Lolala Chafey
  6. Daphne Parton—Dads Eovsin
  7. [M.D. Roberts III as a toddler]
  8. Nancy Jane Roberts 3 months [old]
  9. Ross Roberts [in military uniform]

Subseries: Group Pictures

Folder 3

  1. [School photograph children of in early Arcata—sometime between 1852-1871]
  2. [Group photo in Front of Arcata Plaza Gazebo 1906]
  3. Atlant wit hat—Christmas 1914
  4. Mr. & Mrs. Vernon Hunt & Alant Roberts Dolson [possibly 1915]
  5. [Lucile pushing Eugene in stroller May 18, 1917]
  6. Mr. and Mrs. Leon Baker Marguerite and Saddie Eugene and his mother—Blue Lake August 1917
  7. Josephine M. Horda Corporal and Lloyd Carey Normam-February 17, 1918
  8. August 1938 Bayside Grange Drill Team
  9. [Freshwater school class portrait with John Dolson on 2nd row] Mid 1930s
  10. [School photograph with Rush Dolson on bottom row]
  11. [Group photograph] at either Bayside or Arcata
  12. [Two babies sitting down]
  13. [Two women with two babies and a child]
  14. Matthew trying to eat Leon's hand 3 1/2 months old
  15. [Three native American sitting down with child]
  16. Laura Schorliq and sons Wayne and Darreil
  17. [Atlant Roberts Dolson and Jose Honda with two other women in forest]
  18. [Two Native Americans sitting down]
  19. [School photograph of children in front of house]
  20. [Henry Norton and Harry Tucker]
  21. Henry and Beverly Herman

Subseries: Landscape Photos

Folder 3

  1. [Christian Nelson House at Arcata Bottom—1875]
  2. Atlant's Room during High School Days—Grad 1910
  3. Atlant and Rush Dolson Wedding Vows—Front Music Room—10th G St. Arcata (June 21, 1912)
  4. Old Bell House Trinidad
  5. [Black and White Lighthouse]
  6. Island Mt. Tunnel
  7. Presbyterian Church Arcata
  8. Crawford Place North Bank Road
  9. Stephens Grove
  10. [Photocopy of Trinidad Lighthouse in its original location]
  11. Greenwood Cemetery Nelson Plot-Adelaide Nelson
  12. Decorated Anderson Funeral Plot

Series: Documents

Subseries: Transcribed Letters

Folder 4

  1. [Alant to Father, January 14, 1900]
  2. [Alant to Father, January 4, 1901]
  3. [May Roberts to M.P. Roberts, January 19, 1901]
  4. [Alant to Father, February 8, 1901]
  5. [Alant to Father, February 13, 1901]
  6. [Collection of letters written by Alant to Mother and Father with a date range of February 19, 1901 to February 22, 1901]
  7. [Clara Osburn to Alant, June 14, 1912]
  8. [M.P. Roberts to Alant, June 27, 1913]
  9. [M.P. Roberts to Alant, May 17, 1914
  10. [Clippings of letters—unable to determine for who]

Subseries: Newspaper Clippings and Articles

Folder 5

  1. [Three comics by Joy Gastman]
  2. Arcata Union, "Double Wedding in M.P. Roberts Family," December 13, 1917
  3. [Alton Accident Takes Life or Rail Brakeman—May 11, 1935]
  4. Arcata Union, "Local Pullman Service to be Out July 14," July 10, 1945
  5. [Arcata Union, March 23, 1956—"Matron Display Interest at AWC Hobby Tea]
  6. [Fifty-Fourth Final Convention of Humboldt Federation of Women's Clubs—May 18, 1956]
  7. [True Dolson Hoyle—Lumberjack reporter, interview in Sunny Brea area in Arcata, October 04, 1991]
  8. [Obituary of Martha Lee Dolson Wayne, June 2001]

Series: Oversized Items

Subseries: Outside of Folders

  1. Annual Convention of California Electragists held in Eureka, California—August 07, 1925 [very delicate]
  2. [Portrait of] Matthew and Lowell, June 21, 1942
  3. [Family Tree]
  4. [Lighthouse Picture Scroll]

Subject Headings

Arcata (Calif.)
Arcata (Calif.)--History