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The University Library, Special Collections
Cal Poly Humboldt
One Harpst Street
Arcata, California 95521

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Ruby Buentello

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Dean Galloway

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1956-1968 (Inclusive)
1956-1958 (Bulk)

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0.5 cubic feet


Between 1956-1958 librarian Dean Galloway and his family traveled to Tehran, Iran for a two-year librarianship position in the Institute for Administrative Affairs Library, within the Faculty of Law Department, at the University of Tehran. During his stay he wrote to his friends and coworkers at Humboldt State College Library about his experiences living and working in Iran.


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Acquisition Information

The letters were in the possession of the Cal Poly Humboldt Library Special Collections prior to 1997.

Biographical Information

Richard Dean Galloway (1922-2014) was a librarian at Humboldt State College (HSC) for 13 years before he became the Library Director at Stanislaus State College where he served for 23 years. Dean attended HSC and received his Bachelors of Arts in Social Science in 1947 and by 1950 he had received his Masters in Library Science from the University of California, Berkeley.

During his career, Dean had the opportunity to travel to Tehran, Iran from 1956-1958 for a librarianship position. The program that brought him to Tehran was the Institute of Administrative Affairs at the University of Tehran. The Institute of Administrative Affairs was created by the United States International Cooperation Administration and the Iranian government, and its purpose was to have American educators instruct Iranian students at the graduate level, on how to operate public administration programs. It was during this time, that Dean's main focus for the institute's library was to improve regular operations and work on special projects. This experience eventually led him to become the Library Director at Stanislaus State College shortly after his return to the United States.

Scope and Content of the Collection

The collection consists of letters from Dean to HSC staff with the exception of a few that were written to him by unknown authors. His letters start from the beginning of his two-year librarianship in Iran and continue through his return to the United States.

Throughout Dean's letters he gives the HSC staff a glimpse of what it's like to work at the University of Tehran and live in Tehran. He often educates the staff about Iranian culture, regarding history, ceremonies, and holidays.

Arrangement of Collection

This collection is divided into three series: letters from Dean Galloway, letters from Galloway family, and letters to Dean Galloway. The first series is the only series that has sub-series within it. It has been divided into three time frames based on geographic location: United States (1956), Iran (1956-1958), and United States (1960-1965). The first two-sub-series deal with Galloway's time in Iran and the last sub-series mentions his transition to Stanislaus State College.

Container List

Series: Letters from Dean Galloway

United States (1956)

  1. First Report from Galloways, Petaluma, August 3 & 4, 1956
  2. You land-lubbers, S.S. Queen Frederica, August 17, 19, 22, 1956

Iran (1956-1958)

  1. Humboldters, September 2, 1956
  2. Humboldters, September 18, 1956 [survey of the library of the institute for administrative affairs university of Tehran, Iran September 8, 1956]
  3. Helen [Everett], September 19, 1956 [letter continues on, pages missing]
  4. Helen [Everett], September 19, 1956
  5. Raph [Raphaella Kingsbury], Bob, Unitarians and all, October 4, 1956
  6. Pat [Patricia Anderson], and all those other Humboldters who have written to me, October 7, 1956
  7. Mickey and all, October 30, 1956
  8. Charles [Bloom] and fellow Humboldters, November 20, 1956
  9. Pat [Patricia Anderson], Barbara and also the rest of the staff who have not written lately, December 12, 1956
  10. President Siemens and staff, December 29, 1956 [institute of administrative affairs attachment] [Copy]
  11. [Christmas Card, no date]
  12. Bill [William Haverstock], Myrtle and all the rest, January 18, 1957 [attached 6 b/w photos]
  13. Charles [Bloom], February 8, 1957
  14. Charles [Bloom], April 7, 1957
  15. Editor, Arcata Union, April 13, 1957 [newspaper article]
  16. Helen [Everett] /President Siemens, April 22, 1957
  17. Bill [William Haverstock] and Pat and Others, May 18, 24, 1957
  18. Charlie, Phyllis and the rest of the staff, June 14, 1957
  19. Charles [Bloom] and fellow Humboldters, August 23, 1957
  20. (Who?)...the whole library staff, I guess, October 18, 1957 / November 4, 1957 [attached memorandum To: Dr. George Bemis September 17, 1957]
  21. The Library Staff and other friends, January 3, 1958
  22. Helen [Everett], January 31, 1958
  23. Hello to all, March 1, 1958
  24. Helen [Everett], March, 1, 1958 [confidential]
  25. Thoughtfuls, March 6, 1958 [attached 2 newspaper articles]
  26. Greetings, April 4, 1958 [addressed to library staff on envelope]
  27. Humboldters, May 16, 1958
  28. Helen [Everett] and staff, June 9, 1958
  29. Everybody, July 7, 1958 [To library staff]

United States (1960-1965)

  1. Helen [Everett], June 27, 1960
  2. Helen [Everett], July 14, 1960
  3. Helen [Everett], February 20, 1961
  4. Helen [Everett], December 27, 1961 [attached is Deans vita and letter to William R. Eshelman from Helen December 18, 1961 and letter to Helen from William R. Eshelman December 11, 1961]
  5. Helen [Everett], June 6, 1962
  6. Helen [Everett], March 13, 1964
  7. Helen [Everett], May 6, 1965

Series: Letters from Galloway Family

  1. Everyone, February 25, 1957

Series: Letters to Dean Galloway

  1. Unknown, April 9, 1958
  2. Unknown, April 17, 1958
  3. Unknown, August 2, 1960


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