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Jody Stutz Papers

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The Library, Special Collections
Cal Poly Humboldt
One Harpst Street
Arcata CA 95521

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Tessa Cervantes

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Jodi Stutz, David Boxer

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1984-1987 (Inclusive)

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2 cubic feet


Jodi Lee Stutz, Cal Poly Humboldt 1984, was associated with the University’s literary magazine, Toyon, as Assistant Editor in 1983 and Managing Editor in 1984.  After her death in 1987, Toyon created the Jodi Stutz Memorial Award in Poetry in her honor and her papers, including original literary manuscripts, were donated to the Cal Poly Humboldt Library.


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Acquisition Information

Cal Poly Humboldt English Department faculty member David Boxer donated the collection in 2004.

Biographical Information

Jodi Lee Stutz graduated with honors from HSU in 1984 with a B.A. in English. She was Assistant Editor of Toyon in 1983 and Managing Editor in 1984. Upon graduating from HSU, she attended CSU Long Beach (CSULB) to continue her English studies. While attending CSULB, she also taught English courses, such as English 100, as a graduate student. Jodi later moved to Minnesota where, in 1987, she was shot and killed by a stray bullet from a nearby dispute. Toyon created the Jodi Stutz Memorial Award in Poetry in her honor.

Scope and Content

The collection consists of Jodi Stutz’s written works (creative and analytical), personal and professional correspondence, and teaching materials from her time as a graduate student. Due to her sudden death, there was no particular order in which these items were assembled when they were received. In 2012 a current Toyon editor reviewed the materials and arranged them in three series: Creative Writings and Professional Correspondence; Personal Correspondence; and Teaching Materials.

The first series is a compilation of her written works, correspondence with publishers, and personal notes. The written works are primarily pieces of her creative writing (novels, novellas, short stories, poems, and plays) as well as critical essays analyzing the work of well-known authors. This series also includes exchanges between Jodi and literary journals, magazines, and publishing houses in regard to the submissions of her written works for publication. The exchanges consist of letters of interest, rejection, confirmation of the reception of a piece, and publication offers/agreements from the publishing venues, as well as letters from Jodi providing an abstract of whichever piece she was submitting for publication. In addition to her written works and letters, this series also holds Jodi’s notes on places to publish and notes on other books to possibly use for her literary analyses.

The second series is a combination of her personal correspondence and teaching materials. The correspondence includes letters to Jodi from family and friends, from Jodi to family and friends, and mail between various friends of Jodi. The third series, teaching materials, is a mixture of class syllabi, assignments, handouts, student work, and student evaluations of Jodi as a teacher.

Container List

Box 1

Series: Creative Writings and Professional Correspondence

  1. The Andalusian Cowgirl
  2. Blue Ribbon, Minnesota (1 of 3)
  3. Blue Ribbon, Minnesota (2 of 3)
  4. Blue Ribbon, Minnesota (3 of 3)
  5. [Collection of Short Stories] (1 of 3)
  6. [Collection of Short Stories] (2 of 3)
  7. [Collection of Short Stories] (3 of 3)
  8. Cornfield Confessions
  9. The Haberdasher’s Tale
  10. It Was Only a Paper Moon [& some notes] (1 of 2)
  11. It Was Only a Paper Moon (2 of 2)
  12. [Jodi’s Correspondence with Publishers]
  13. [Literary Criticism]
  14. [Poetry]
  15. [Response Letters from Lit Journals and Publishers, 1985]
  16. [Response Letters from Lit Journals and Publishers, 1986]
  17. [Response Letters from Lit Journals and Publishers, 1987]
  18. [Response Letters from Lit Journals and Publishers, Date Unknown]
  19. [Submission Guidelines & Publication Miscellany/Notes]
  20. [Untitled Manuscript] (1 of 2)
  21. [Untitled Manuscript] (2 of 2)
  22. A Well-Rounded Education [Westbrook, Jettson]
  23. The Writing of a Magazine Article
  24. [Miscellaneous: Photo IDs, GRE Scores, Syllabi, etc.]

Box 2

Series: Personal Correspondence

  1. [Stutz, Jodi]
  2. [Bisel, Carolyn]
  3. [Briar, Donni and Jeffrey]
  4. [Campbell, Kate]
  5. [Dailey, Stephen]
  6. [Dumos, Violet]
  7. [Healy, Joyce]
  8. [Herron, Genna]
  9. [Jones, Tom]
  10. [King, Ronald]
  11. [Linnihan, Kevin]
  12. [Minty, Judith]
  13. [O’Donnell, James]
  14. [O’Neal, Marilen]
  15. [Peterson, Mary]
  16. [Porter, AL]
  17. [Rodriguez, Edna]
  18. [Sanders, David]
  19. [Sherony, Kathy]
  20. [Smyth, Ann]
  21. [Stutz, Carol]
  22. [Stutz, Dora]
  23. [Stutz, Emma]
  24. [Vogel, Dan]
  25. [Volkmer, Charles]
  26. [Watson, Louise]
  27. [Whitmen, Jeanne]
  28. [Ann]
  29. [Chris]
  30. [Elise]
  31. [Meredith]
  32. [Rody]
  33. [Rona]
  34. [Ruppert Oil]
  35. [Sandee]
  36. [Sheldon, “Shell”]
  37. [Sherry]
  38. [Tammy]
  39. [Miscellany: Letters not to/from Jodi, Illegible Handwriting, No Sender, etc.]

Series: Teaching Materials

  1. [English 100, Class Materials, Sept.-Dec. 1986]

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Humboldt State University. Dept. of English
American literature--20th century--Periodicals