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Cal Poly Humboldt Theses and Projects

Over 4000 masters theses completed at Cal Poly Humboldt are housed in the Cal Poly Humboldt Library and listed in the Cal Poly Humboldt Library Catalog where they are indexed by author, title, subject and department. In the catalog, theses may be browsed by department using the subject search: humboldt state university theses.

Two copies of all theses completed up until 2005 are generally available in the Library. One copy is generally located in the regular bookstacks. The second, Archives, copy is in the Reading Room IF the content is about Northwestern California. If not, then this copy is in storage and may be paged through the Reading Room. Most theses completed since Fall 2005 are also available online with links to the fulltext in the library catalog or directly through Humboldt Digital Scholar and Humboldt Digital Commons. In Humboldt Digital Scholar (HDS) you can browse or search HSU masters theses by a variety of fields including author, title, thesis advisor, keyword or program. Beginning with the spring semester of 2013, theses (as well as projects) are only available through HDS. Print copies are no longer required to be submitted to the Library. Many older theses have been retrospectively scanned and are also available in HDS. Make sure to check the Library catalog record for the presence of "online access." All theses completed from 2016-2017 onward will be hosted on Humboldt Digital Commons.

Masters Projects. Projects have not normally been submitted to the Library, although one category of projects, so-called "Bound Projects," has been included. In addition projects have been collected historically in a few subject areas, notably Environmental Education. All such projects have been treated as Theses, see above. Beginning with December 2012 all projects are required to be submitted through HDS.

Senior Theses/Projects. Two departments, Geology and Environmental Resources Engineering, have required a senior thesis (Geology) or senior project (Environmental Resources Engineering) as part of their undergraduate degree program. These have been periodically submitted to the Library. As of June 2013 these two series have been reviewed and those titles related to Northwestern California have been retained in University Archives and may be requested through the Humboldt Room. The PDF icon Geology Senior Theses cover 1968-1983 and the PDF icon Environmental Engineering Senior Theses cover 1978-1992.

--Joan Berman, 6/2013
Last updated October 10, 2017