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Eureka Waterfront Litigation Collection

In 1968 a lawsuit was filed against the City of Eureka to determine who had legal ownership of land on the Eureka Waterfront.  During the 13 year span of the case, Lazio v. City of Eureka, also known as the Eureka Tidelands Case, the law firm engaged by the City conducted extensive historical research on the complex history of the question.  Their “evidence” included copies of original deeds and lawsuits dating back to before the establishment of the City.  These documents, along with copies of many historical maps as well as a series of contemporary aerial photographs and archaeological findings commissioned for the case, are included in the collection which was donated by the City of Eureka to the Cal Poly Humboldt Library in 1984. 

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View slideshow: The Eureka Tidelands Case of 1968.

Selected Images

Eureka Survey, 1884

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