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Eureka Waterfront Litigation Collection: Selected Images

These images were scanned from originals or copies in the collection. They were selected for presentation and preservation purposes. Scanning was performed by Rudy Gillard, supported in part by the Tracy Memorial Trust Fund, a fund of the Humboldt Area Foundation. Titles and numbers were assigned by the collection creator. A complete list of the objects in the exhibit is PDF icon here.

PDF icon hum_bay_1852_final.pdfPDF icon entrance_hum_bay_final.pdfPDF icon h_b_1854.pdf

Preliminary Survey of Humboldt Bay, CA USCS (1852) [333]
Size: 903 KB

PDF icon t5_r1_w.pdf
Fractional Township No. 5 North, Range 1 West, Humboldt Meridian, 1855 [336]
Size: 709 KB
Topographic Survey #474, prepared by USCS, 1854 [334A]
Size: 1.38 MB

Eureka, H. B. 1854 [771]
Size: 857 KB

PDF icon eureka_1870.pdfPDF icon ship_carson_house.pdfPDF icon belcher_crane.pdf
Eureka, 1870, Looking East on First Street from McKay Mill [770]
Size: 340 KB
Three-masted vessel on waterfront at foot of M Street (circa 1890) [773]
Size: 337 KB
Black and White Lithograph of Eureka prepared by Belcher & Crane Co., 1902 [774A]
Size: 1.40 MB
PDF icon nov_26_1906.pdfPDF icon jan_12_1932.pdfPDF icon harbor_lines_final.pdf
The occidental Mill and Log Pond located between Commercial & B Streets on Humboldt Bay (Nov. 26, 1906) [768]
Size: 449 KB
Eureka, January 12, 1932 [772]
Size: 448 KB
USCE, Major Channels and Harbor Lines (1938) [363]
Size: 1.18 MB
PDF icon sdim0080.pdfPDF icon sdim0084.pdfPDF icon sdim0081.pdf
Oblique aerial of eastern portion of waterfront, looking west (12 Apr 1958) Swanlund [779]
Size: 1.08 MB
Oblique aerial photo of Eastern portion of waterfront dated November 12, 1958 Swanlund [776]
Size: 1.28 MB
Oblique aerial photo of waterfront, A to F Street vicinity, ca. October 1959 Swanlund [778]
Size: 1.12 MB
PDF icon sdim0085.pdfPDF icon sdim0082.pdfPDF icon sdim0083.pdf
Oblique aerial photo of eastern portion of waterfront, ca. October 1959 Swanlund [777]
Size: 930 KB
Oblique aerial photo of waterfront looking south and depicting area from Samoa Bridge to western Eureka waterfront, March 26, 1972 Swanlund [780]
Size: 1.53 MB
Oblique aerial of waterfront, fishing docks near Balloon Tract (29 Mar 1972) Swanlund [775]
Size: 945 KB