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General Faculty Officers, Outstanding Professor, Scholar of the Year

For a chronological list, see Outstanding Professor Award and Scholar of the Year Award.

Kenneth R Aalto, Geology
Scholar of the Year: SY 1987

Jane P Abernethy, Nursing
Faculty Secretary: 1984-85

Ben Allen, Business Administration
Faculty President: 1989-91, Faculty Treasurer: 1988-89, Outstanding Professor: OP 1995-1996

George H Allen, Fisheries
Faculty President: 1970-71

Linda Anderson, Nursing
Faculty President: 1987-89

Kenneth Ayoob, Music (woodwinds wind ensemble)
Faculty Secretary: 1999-2000

Homer P Balabanis, Social Science
Faculty President: 1962-63

Sherilyn C Bennion, Journalism & Women's Studies
Faculty President: 1985-86

William P Bivens III, English & Linguistics
Faculty Secretary: 1978-79

Richard G Botzler, Wildlife Management
Outstanding Professor: OP 1991-92

David T Boxer, English
Faculty Treasurer: 1978-79

F Lewis Bright, Speech Communication
Faculty Treasurer: 1986-87

Gary Brusca, Biology
Outstanding Professor: OP 1982-83

Newell Reese Bullen, Art
Outstanding Professor: OP 1966-67

Raymond "Bud" Burke, Geology (Quaternary stratigraphy)
Outstanding Professor: OP 1997-1998

Ann Burroughs, Computing Science
Faculty Treasurer: 1992-93

David E Campbell, Psychology
Faculty Treasurer: 1984-85

Karen A Carlton, English
Faculty Secretary: 1985-86, Outstanding Professor: OP 1992-93

James W Carroll, Sociology
Faculty President: 1973-74

Gary A Carver, Geology
Scholar of the Year: SY 1995

Charles E Chamberlin, Environmental Resources Engineering
Outstanding Professor: OP 1994-1995

Bernadette Cheyne, Theatre, Film, Dance
Faculty Vice President: 1999-2000

Phyllis Z Chinn, Mathematics & Women's Studies
Outstanding Professor: OP 1989-90

Thomas J Clark, Chemistry
Outstanding Professor: OP 1981-82

Kathryn L Corbett, Social Science, Sociology, and Women's Studies
Faculty President: 1969-70

David E Craigie, Fisheries, NRPI
Faculty Treasurer: 1973-74

Frederick P Jr Cranston, Mathematics & Physics
Outstanding Professor: OP 1971-72

Jerneral W Cranston, Theater Arts & Women's Studies
Outstanding Professor: OP 1985-86

John Barry Dalsant, English
Faculty President: 1994-1996

William R Daniel, Political Science (American Government)
Faculty Secretary: 1983-84

Evelyn J Deike, Physical Education
Faculty Secretary: 1974-75

John D DeMartini, Biology
Outstanding Professor: OP 1972-73

Robert F Dickerson, Economics
Faculty President: 1965-66, 1977-1978

Ann C Diver-stamnes, Teacher Preparation (single subjects)
Outstanding Professor: OP 1999-2000

Milton Dobkin, Speech, Speech, Academic Affairs
Faculty President: 1964-65

Janice M Erskine, Psychology
Faculty President: 1974-75

Eleanor G Ferguson, Nursing Community Health
Faculty Treasurer: 1977-78

Karen A Foss, Speech Communication
Faculty Secretary: 1981-82, Scholar of the Year: SY 1992

Merle Friel, Mathematics
Faculty Treasurer: 1985-86, 1987-1988, 1989-1990

Ronald A Fritzsche, Fisheries
Outstanding Professor: OP 1990-91

Lloyd G Fulton, History
Faculty Secretary: 1979-80

James E Gaasch, French-Spanish
Faculty President: 1992-94, Faculty Treasurer: 1979-1980, 1983-84

Robert Gearheart, Engineering (Water Quality Solid Waste Management)
Scholar of the Year: SY 1989

John Gimbel, History
Faculty President: 1978-79, Outstanding Professor: OP 1965-1966, 1967-68

Richard T Golightly, Wildlife
Scholar of the Year: SY 1998

Simon R Green, History
Faculty Secretary: 1992-93, Faculty Treasurer: 1996-1997

Harry E Griffith, Education
Outstanding Professor: OP 1964-65

Ralph J Gutierrez, Wildlife Management
Scholar of the Year: SY 1988

Donald L Hauxwell, Wildland Soils
Outstanding Professor: OP 1979-80

John C Hennessy, History, Executive Assistant to the President
Faculty President: 1984-85

Jeri F Hopkins, Teacher Preparation
Faculty President: 1996-1997, Faculty Secretary: 1993-1996

James E Householder, Mathematics
Faculty President: 1972-73

Harold Jackson, Geography
Faculty President: 1982-83

William F Jackson, Business Administration
Faculty President: 1968-69, Outstanding Professor: OP 1977-78

Betty J Jensen, Nursing
Faculty Treasurer: 1997-1999

Mary Kay, Library
Faculty Secretary: 1996-1998, Faculty Treasurer: 1994-1996

Peter B Kenyon, Business Administration
Faculty Treasurer: 1993-1994

Bob R Kittleson, Economics
Faculty President: 1966-67

Roland Lamberson, Mathematics
Scholar of the Year: SY 1993

Nancy A Lamp, Theatre Arts
Faculty Secretary: 1980-81

Aimee Langlois, Child Development
Faculty Secretary: 1987-88

David M LaPlantz, Art
Scholar of the Year: SY 1994, Outstanding Professor: OP 1980-81

David L Largent, Botany
Scholar of the Year: SY 1996

Mark A Larson, Journalism
Faculty President: 1999-2000

Timothy E Lawlor, Biology
Outstanding Professor: OP 1988-89

MaryAnne Levine, Nursing
Faculty Secretary: 1988-90

Stephen W Littlejohn, Speech
Faculty Secretary: 1973-74, 1976-1977

John D Longshore, Geology (petrology petrography x-ray)
Outstanding Professor: OP 1983-84

Susan E MacConnie, Physical Education
Faculty Secretary: 1990-91

Herschel L Mack, Speech
Faculty President: 1979-80

George C Magladry, Library
Faculty Secretary: 1977-78

Donald E Mahler, Speical Education and Pyschology
Outstanding Professor: OP 1973-74

Thea W Martin, Nursing
Faculty Secretary: 1981-82

Robin Meiggs, Health & Physical Education
Faculty Treasurer: 1999-2000

Michael R Mesler, Biology
Outstanding Professor: OP 1996-1997

Richard J Meyer, Zoology
Faculty President: 1976-77

John Morgan, Psychology
Outstanding Professor: OP 1986-87

Colleen Mullery, Business Administration
Faculty Vice President: 1997-1999

Pearl Oliner, Education & Women's Studies
Scholar of the Year: SY 1990

Samuel P Oliner, Sociology
Scholar of the Year: SY 1990

Yung H Park, Political Science
Scholar of the Year: SY 1986, Outstanding Professor: OP 1976-77

John F Pauley, Theatre Arts, Speech
Faculty President: 1975-76, Outstanding Professor: OP 1970-71

Valgene Phillips, Music
Faculty President: 1997-1999

Kathleen Preston, Psychology & Women's Studies
Faculty Treasurer: 1981-82

Armeda C Reitzel, Speech Communication
Faculty Secretary: 1998-1999, Outstanding Professor: OP 1998-1999

Glenda R Richter, Spanish
Faculty President: 1971-72

Terry D Roelofs, Fisheries
Faculty Treasurer: 1974-75

Ralph J Roske, Social Science
Faculty President: 1963-64

Sheila Ross, Art & Women's Studies
Faculty Treasurer: 1981-82

Theodore K Ruprecht, Economics
Outstanding Professor: OP 1969-70

Roy W Ryden, Mathematics
Faculty President: 1980-81

John O Sawyer Jr., Botany
Scholar of the Year: SY 1997

Erich F Schimps, Library
Faculty Treasurer: 1976-77

Linda Sievers, Theatre Arts
Faculty Secretary: 1991-92, Faculty Treasurer: 1990-91

Melvin A Schuler, Art
Outstanding Professor: OP 1968-69

James P Jr Smith, Biology, Dean
Outstanding Professor: OP 1978-79

Charles E Snygg, Mathematics
Faculty Treasurer: 1975-76

Selma K Sonntag, Political Science
Faculty Treasurer: 1991-92

Janet M Spinas-Cunningham, Spanish
Faculty President: 1981-82

William R Tanner, History
Faculty President: 1986-87

Fred Telonicher, Physical Education, Zoology
Faculty President: 1961-62, Outstanding Professor: OP 1964-65

Marshelle Thobaben, Nursing
Faculty Secretary: 1986-87, Scholar of the Year: SY 1991

William H Thonson, Art
Outstanding Professor: OP 1974-75

John T Travis, Political Science
Faculty Vice President: 1993-1997

Henry Tropp, Mathematics
Outstanding Professor: OP 1975-76

Louise Watson, Physical Education
Faculty President: 1967-68

James F Welsh, Zoology
Outstanding Professor: OP 1984-85

Patrick M Wenger, Anthropology
Faculty Secretary: 1975-76

William F Wood, Chemistry
Faculty Treasurer: 1980-81, Outstanding Professor: OP 1993-1994

Wendy L Woodward, Nursing
Faculty President: 1991-92

John L Yarnall, Biology, Zoology
Faculty President: 1983-84