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Genzoli Collection - Newspaper Work Chronology

P.O. BOX 568

printed 5/19/04

Andy's obituary stated that while attending Ferndale High School, he covered the Ferndale news for the Humboldt Standard from 1929 to 1933.

HS (4 Oct. 1930) Ferndale items included: "Newlyweds Honored At Ferndale Party," "Birthday Party Is Much Enjoyed," "Ferndale High Plays In North."

HS (7 Oct. 1930) "Ferndale Resident Succumbs In Eureka."

HS (11 Oct. 1930) "Ferndale Rebekah Lodge Holds Meet."

There is no by-line associated with these news articles from Ferndale, but it is assumed Andy wrote them. They are basic, "who, what, when, where, and how" articles.

The obit says he went to work for the Humboldt Times in 1947.

HT (Jan. 1948) "News of 25 Years Ago In Eureka and Humboldt County." Did Andy compile this column?

HT (19 Sept. 1948) Today the Times is starting a new feature for its readers with this complete page devoted to the southern Humboldt City of Garberville. "Garberville--The Heart of the Redwoods" by Herb Holland with photos.

HT (26 Sept. 1948) "Cream City Has Right To Be Proud" by Herb Holland with photos.

HT (3 Oct. 1948) "Crescent City--Frontier With A Future" by Dave Way with photos.

HT (10 Oct. 1948) "Fortuna--Humboldt's Friendly City" by Dick Ryan with photos.

HT (17 Oct. 1948) "Blue Lake--A Pleasant Place To Live" by Chet Schwarzkoff, photos by Dick Ryan.

HT (2 Oct. 1949) "The Humboldt Times Brings World To Your Door" by Andrew M. Genzoli, includes photo of Andy. "Andrew Genzoli, writer and photographer for this story, checks photos for feature use. Besides these assignments, he also is the Southern Humboldt newsman for the Humboldt Times."

HT (12 Aug. 1949) First column by Genzoli titled "RFD."

HT (14 May 1950) "Eureka Comes Of Age--Now A Centenarian!" by Andrew M. Genzoli.

HT (21 May 1950) "Lumbering--A Saga Of The Giant Redwoods!" by Andrew M. Genzoli.

HT (1 June 1952) "RFD" by Andrew Genzoli--Dr. Josiah Gregg.

HT (1 June 1952) Lines from the Times; From the Old Files of the Humboldt Times, Compiled by Andrew Genzoli.

HT (3 June 1954) "RFD" by Andrew Genzoli. June Is Dairy Month.

HT (6 June 1954) "Bill and Don Silva--The Dairying Twins" by Andrew M. Genzoli.

HT (1 June 1960) "RFD" by Andrew Genzoli.

Obit says "RFD" became "Redwood Country" at some point. After retiring from newspaper in 1979, Andy became editor of the Historian and acted in that capacity until his death in 1984.