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HCC Newspaper Collection: Special and/or Commemorative Issues

1888.11 (V2n2) Humboldt County Ed. (SF Journal of Commerce)

1907.08.06 (V37n192) Greater Humboldt Ed. (Daily Humboldt Standard)

1913.01.17 (V11n37) Pictorial Ed. (Humboldt Beacon)

1914.11.19 Transportation and Exposition Number 1914 (Humboldt Times)

1915.05.22 Humboldt County Bids You Welcome (Humboldt Standard)

1916.03.31 Get Acquainted Ed. (Humboldt Times)

1917.04.28 Humboldt County 100,000 Population Ed. (Humboldt Standard)

1924.12.24 Christmas Ed. (Humboldt Standard)

1931.05.16 (V113n40) Business and Professional Women's Convention Ed. (Humboldt Times)

1934.04.01 I am the Newspaper, 1852-1934 (Humboldt Times)

1937.03.21 (V136n69) 85th Anniversary Ed. (Humboldt Times)

1939.06.15 (V67n142) Invitational Ed. (Humboldt Standard)

1949.07.18 Eureka Plywood Ed. (Humboldt Standard)

1950.05.26 Log and Saw Ed. (Humboldt Times)

1951.03.14 Humboldt State College (Eureka Newspapers) (Archives)

1952.08.22 Ferndale - 100 Years (Ferndale Enterprise)

1954.02.07 (V174n33) Centennial Ed. (atl. 100 Years of Progress) (Humboldt Times)

1954.05.20 16th Annual Redwood Region Logging Conference Ed. (Ukiah Daily Journal)

1954.05.20 (V4n28) 16th Annual Redwood Region Logging Conference E. (Ukiah News)

1954.05.27 Commentary Edition Arcata & Mad River Rail Road Centennial (Blue Lake Advocate)

1954.08.05 (V75n31) Crescent City Centennial Ed. (Del Norte Triplicate)

1955.12.23 Flood Issue (Humboldt Standard)

1955.12.23 Flood Issue (Humboldt Times); also 12.24, 12.25, 12.27

1956.01.26 (V101n4) Centennial Ed. (Trinity Journal)

1959.05.27 (V179n125) Get Acquainted Ed. (Humboldt Times)

1960.03.17 (V88n65) Redwood Region Logging Conference Ed. (Humboldt Standard)

1960.05.12 Humboldt State College Dedication (Eureka Newspapers) (Archives)

1963.05.10 Humboldt State College 50th Anniversary (Eureka Newspapers) (Archives)

1963.06.08 First Century Ed. (A. Brizard Century)

1965.02.16 The Thousand Year Flood (Humboldt Standard)

1969.02.16 (V115n47) The 70's--Decade of Progress Ed. (Times-Standard)

1974.07 The Trail Back, 100 Years (Redwood Record)

1976 Bicentennial Ed. (Del Norte Triplicate)

1976.07.29 A Bicentennial Look at Northern Humboldt (Union)

1979.03.25 Humboldt County 1849-1979, 130 Years of Growth (Times-Standard)

1986.07.25 The Story of the Century, Centennial Ed. (Union)

1986.11.13 Fernbridge 75th Anniversary Celebration (Ferndale Enterprise)

2004.09.21 150th Anniversary Ed. (Humboldt Times)

2004.10.14 115 Anniversary of the Fort Bragg Advocate-News (Fort Bragg Advocate)

2006 Humboldt County Flashback (35th Anniversary Ed.) (Tri-City Weekly)

2006.04.17 Eureka 1856 * 2006 (Times-Standard)

2007 150 Years of Triplicate History (Daily Triplicate)

2008.08 Arcata's 150th (Times-Standard)

2008.09.09 Arcata Sesquicentennial Edition (Arcata Eye)

2013.10 Humboldt State University Celebrating 100 Years (North Coast Journal)