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Northwestern California Newspapers Bibliography

California State Library Foundation. Newspapers in California. 1985:41-42. A beginning bibliography of articles on Humboldt County newspapers; most of the entries are included below.

Blue Lake Originally French City, Founder Established Advocate 77 Years Ago. Blue Lake Advocate May 6, 1965:1, c.1-6. This is the paper for which Susie Baker Fountain wrote; her local history collection of 119 volumes draws very heavily on the newspapers of the area from their inception.

Genzoli, Andrew. Keeping up with the Times; A Manual for the News Correspondents of The Humboldt Times. Eureka Newspapers, Inc. [196?] 49 pp. When Andy compiled and edited this he was Regional Editor of The Humboldt Times.

Gordon, David E. Early California Journalism: Humboldt Times. Its Semi-Centennial Anniversary. Overland Monthly n.s. vol. 44:423-31, 1904.

Humboldt County Newspaper Enterprises. History and Business Directory of Humboldt County. 1890, pp. 175-181. Marvelous chronology of births, marriages and deaths of newspapers, 1854-1890.

Kennedy, Mike. Larnin' Kritisized. Pacifica July 1972: 18-22. Describes an editorial duel "in 1859 between the junior editor of the Northern Californian and the editor of the Weekly Humboldt Times."

Locke, Michelle. A Rhyming Reporter Keeps His Eye on the Wry. Los Angeles Times Print Media Edition: Record edition May 5, 2002: B11. (accessed 5-9-2002 via ProQuest) Interview with Kevin Hoover, lauded for the police log in the Arcata Eye which he started in 1995 when the Arcata Union, his previous employer, ceased publication.

McClary, Maclyn H. When Humboldt Had the Double Standard. Pacifica May 1972:11-14. Check out MF170 for scattered issues of 27 newspapers from 1886-1905, "Microfilmed through the courtesy of Nancy Prater Barnes in memory of her father Barney Prater, 1901-1962. He lived in Humboldt County 1923, 1945-1962."

Miller, Florence. Weekly Newspapers Closely Followed Westward Settlers. Humboldt Historian May-June 1976:26-27. Details the history of the Eel River Valley Advance. "This story is one of a series of term papers to be published in The Humboldt Historian. The papers originate from the Humboldt-Northwestern California History Class conducted by Andrew Genzoli at College of the Redwoods."

Ringwald, George. Ferndale's Dan Rather. North Coast Journal July 29, 1999: 9-12. Interview with Carolyn Titus, editor/publisher and co-owner of the Ferndale Enterprise.

Strope, Charles. Times Printing Company. Humboldt Historian Summer 1997:26-33. From the Author's Note: "The history of the Times Printing Company is very closely tied to the history of the Humboldt Times newspaper."

Van Kirk, Susie. A Researcher's Reflections on Local Newspapers. Northwestern California Newspapers ( - This website provides information about newspapers published in the region from the 1850s to the present.


Indian Massacre. "The Weekly Humboldt Times: Eureka, California, Saturday, March 3, 1860, 'Bret Harte' was run out of Humboldt for writing a too pro-Native American article about this massacre!" URL: (accessed 8/19/2002). Full text of the original article, located on "Heaven is Burning" the Humboldt County Historical Prostitution Web Site. (See also: Stewart, George R., Jr. A Bibliography of the Writings of Bret Harte in the Magazines and Newspapers of California, 1857-1871. University of California Press 1933, pp.21-24 The Northern Californian. A more recent account is: Holland, Annette Boushey, Love and Loss in Union: Bret Harte and Lizzie Bull. Humboldt Historian Winter 1998: 6-13.)


Cox, Richard J. The Great Newspaper Caper: Backlash in the Digital Age. First Monday 5(12), December 2000, URL: (accessed 12/16/00). "Novelist and literary essayist Nicholson Baker once again has caused a stir in the library world, this time attacking the sale and/or destruction of original newspapers once they have been microfilmed." --abstract, p.1

Heller, Steven. Nicholson Baker. print Jul/Aug 2005. Interview with the novelist and advocate for the preservation of 19th-and early 20th century newspapers.


Carlson, Scott. Once-Trustworthy Newspaper Databases Have Become Unreliable and Frustrating. Chronicle of Higher Education From the issue dated January 25, 2002. (accessed 1/22/02) Case study of a faculty member assigning an article found via Lexis-Nexis from the San Francisco Chronicle, no longer to be found: "Supreme Court decision led publishers to purge much archival material, to the dismay of scholars." --abstract.

Davis, Joel. Rumble in the Redwoods: What happens when two daily newspapers duke it out in a market known more for its weeds than its writing? San Francisco Chronicle, Aug. 13, 2006. (accessed 8/17/06) This article is not available in any online versions of the Chronicle, assumably because of copyright restrictions placed by the author.

Kennedy, Cary. Newspaper Publishers in the Post-Tasini Era. Searcher 10(3):50, March 2002. (EBSCOhost Academic Search, accessed 10/21/02) Excellent overview of the case: "Talks about the effect of Tasini case against the New York Times Company Inc. and related decisions on electronic access to newspaper content." --abstract.

Oder, Norman et al. Tasini Case Back in Court. Library Journal, 4/1/2010: 12-13.

Compiled by Joan Berman, 10-22-02, for JMC 340; updated 10-13-06; 10-19-10