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A Researcher's Perspective by Susie Van Kirk

A Researcher's Reflections on Local Newspapers

  • Part 1: The Authors

    In addition to expanding a researcher's knowledge of local history, newspapers also introduce the reader to notable reporters and special columns. Local newspapers contained feature stories about places and events, regular columns of local interest, and serial articles on particular historical subjects. Read More
  • Part 2: The Newspapers

    ...Local community newspapers reported, as accurately as newspapers tend to be, events of the day, beginning in Humboldt County in 1854 with the publication of the Humboldt Times. Read More

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Humboldt County: A Briefest of Histories

Humboldt County was already multi-cultural when Euro-Americans arrived in the spring of 1850. The indigenous people occupied specific territories, spoke languages of several different stocks, and had similar but different social and cultural structures. Read More

Susie Van Kirk
Historic Resources Consultant
P.O. BOX 568, BAYSIDE, CA 95524

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