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Susie Baker Fountain Papers - Volumes 120-128

Volumes 120-128 are new to the collection. They are only available on microfilm and contain additional material which was not photocopied in the 1960s.

Vol:PagesNotebook Title
121:1-48Births 1873 to 1878
121:49-64Weddings by Year
121:65-91Weddings Alphabetically
121:129-172Marriages 1873, 1874, & 1875
121:173-217Marriages 1876, 1877, 1878
121:330-338Contract Marriages
121:339-425Deaths 1873 & 1878 & 1879
122:1-54F & G Deeds
122:55-106H Deeds
122:107-146L, M, N Deeds
122:147-189Deeds L, M; Janes
122:190-393Not Named
122:450-487Lodges, Addresses
122:488-513Examination of Title
123:1-54Not Named (People)
123:55-101Great Register A to E
123:102-156Great Register F to M
123:157-203Great Register N to Z
123:204-219Supplementary to Great Register
123:220-358Not Named (People: 1885-1914)
123:359-526Richard Johnston's Narrative
124:1-351884 Arcata History
124:36-52Arcata History
124:53-71Arcata History
124:72-173History: Discovery Period 1542-1849
124:174-198Trinidad - Mrs. Boye's Notes
124:199-248Nellie T. McGraw - Notes
124:249-275Fremont Diary - Cleveland Library
124:276-297Biography Sharp
124:298-303Tracy Family Connection
124:304-331Animals, Andersonia, Arcata, Etc.
124:332-361Gunther Island
124:362-380Indians, Bates
125:1-219S.B. Fountain Series from Blue Lake Advocate
125:220-330Historical Articles from Blue Lake Advocate, Susie Baker Fountain
125:331-408Newspaper Pad #1
125:409-433Newspaper Pad #2
125:434-438[Susie Baker Fountain Columns] Not Named
126:1-21Blue Lake Schools
126:22-107No Name (Blue Lake Schools)
126:108-139School Exams 1887
126:140-226Schools #1
126:227-246Arcata School
126:247-270Stone Lagoon #1 (School Ma'am's Letters - Blue Lake Advocate
126:271-363Rohnerville, Rohnerville College
127:1-138Redwoods & Lumbering
127:139-160McGee, Trip, Mendocino County [National Parks]
127:219-234Storms (Clouds)
127:235-278Airplanes, Agriculture, Alderpoint, Alton, Etc.
127:279-291Orleans, Mines, Place Names (Stony Bar, St. Rest, Surgan Bar, Symme's Gulch)
127:292-298Not Named [Social Events]
127:299-301Not Named ["Blue Lake in Years Gone By"]
127:302-325Not Named ["Travelers and Settlers"]
127:326-344Not Named
127:345-385Not Named [Buildings, Canals, Places]
127:386-388Not Named
128:1-11Not Named [Roads]
128:12-38Not Named [Maps]
128:39-41Not Named [Garberville]
128:42-68Not Named [Rohnerville, Hydesville]
128:69-78Not Named [Ferndale]
128:79-81Not Named [Fortuna]
128:82-92Not Named [Table Bluff Area]
128:93-101Not Named [Bucksport]
128:102-141Not Named [Eureka]
128:142-156Not Named [Arcata]
128:157-173Not Named [Blue Lake]
128:174-205Not Named [Trinidad]
128:206-210Not Named [Orleans]
128:211-219Not Named [Deeds]