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Andrew Genzoli Collection - Finding Aid

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Andrew Genzoli Collection

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The University Library, Special Collections
Cal Poly Humboldt
One Harpst Street
Arcata, California 95521

Processed By

Francis Shawn Bawden, Edie Butler, MA, CA, and Briannon Fraley

Date Collection Processed

2009 - first portion



Collection Creator

Genzoli, Andrew Martin (Genzoli, Andy)

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Size of Collection

57 cubic feet (approximately)


The Genzoli Collection consists of historical materials relating to Northwestern California, especially Humboldt County, and reflects all aspects of Genzoli's career and volunteer work as journalist and teacher. These include manuscripts, scrapbooks, clippings, notes, newspaper indexes (for late 19th Century), photographs, and ephemera.

The collection's strengths include Ferndale and southwest Humboldt County, Bigfoot, and Seth Kinman materials. The extensive photograph collection covers the entire region from the 1870s to the 1970s. The collection provides insight into Genzoli's published works as the collection contains background information he used for his several publications.


Processed materials are available by appointment.


Copyright has not been assigned to Cal Poly Humboldt. To obtain permission to publish or reproduce in any format please contact the Special Collections Librarian.

Acquisition Information

This collection was purchased from Betty Genzoli, widow of Andrew Genzoli, by Cal Poly Humboldt Library in 1985 with the generous financial assistance from the Bertha Russ Lytel Foundation of Ferndale, California.

Biographical Information

Andrew Genzoli, 1914-1984, started his career as a journalist in the early 1930s while still a student at Ferndale High School when he served as correspondent for the Humboldt Times and then later as a staff reporter. By 1940 he had purchased the Saratoga Sentinel which he operated until he joined the U.S. Army in 1941. He served as a staff correspondent and press liaison for General McArthur in the South Pacific. After WWII he returned to Ferndale and became a reporter for the Humboldt Standard. He retired from the Times Standard in 1979. Mr. Genzoli used feature articles and his regular columns (RFD, Redwood Country, and Lines From The Times) to present local history facts and lore to the paper’s readers. He was an active member of regional and local historical organizations including serving as editor of the Humboldt Historian for many years and being appointed to the California State Historical Landmarks Advisory Board. He published several books, among them: Redwood Country (1973), Eel River Country (1973); the series of books that he co-authored with Wallace E. Martin between 1961 and 1972; the Humboldtiana series (1962-1971); and Frontier Moments from the Humboldt Historian (1982).

Scope and Content of the Collection

The collection consists of historical materials from all aspects of Genzoli’s career and volunteer activities. These include professional writings, manuscripts, scrapbooks, clippings, students’ papers, notes and newspaper indexes, ledger books and photographs pertaining to all aspects of Northwestern California history, especially Humboldt County. The unpublished materials shed considerable light in the early history of the area. The photographs in the collection are extensive and cover the northern California area from 1870s to the 1970s.

Arrangement of the Collection

The Andrew Genzoli Collection is arranged in nine series of processed and semi-processed materials. Some portions of the collection have not yet been processed.

Processed and semi-processed series:
Information Files
Newspaper Indexes
Seth Kinman Materials
Northwestern California Publications and Manuscripts
Voter Registers
Dairy Industry Scrapbooks
Oversized Materials
Maps and Drawings


Two interns, working with the staff archivist, processed portions of the collection. One intern completed a five week internship as part of his Master of Library and Information Science program. The other intern fulfilled class requirements toward a second bachelor degree in Native American Studies.

Unprocessed materials:
Student papers – Genzoli’s students at College of the Redwoods
Genzoli’s newspaper columns – clippings
Newspaper clippings – unsorted
Ericson photograph prints
Rolled panorama photographs
Three framed photographs
Two boxes of small groupings of correspondence, ephemera, documents

Container List

The Information Files cover all Northwestern California subjects and geographic areas. Areas of strength are reflected in the subjects of Genzoli’s writings, particularly his published books. The files are available in Special Collections by appointment. These files are not fully processed and researchers can expect to find misfiles and other anomalies.

Two 3-ring binders and a folder titled “Originals” have been placed at the end of the Information Files, after Z, in the last drawer. The binders contain notes, transcribed passages (some lengthy), ephemera, clippings, etc. that Genzoli used in his research and writing efforts. His organizational strategy is not apparent. Contents cover the full spectrum of Humboldt history and the source of the information is usually apparent. The folder titled “Original Copy” contains the materials Genzoli used as handouts and for lectures for his Eureka Adult School and College of the Redwoods classes.

The Photographs cover the entire northwestern California region but are particularly rich for the Ferndale, Fortuna, Eel River, and Mattole River areas. The photos are available by appointment in Special Collections. In 2008 the files titled "Indians" and "Hoopa Valley" and "Klamath River" were selected for a special processing project and are described below. The rest of the photographs have not been processed or cataloged and researchers can expect to find misfiles and other anomalies.

During Fall 2008-Spring 2009 a student intern processed and cataloged about 225 images from the "Indians" and "Hoopa Valley" and "Klamath River" folders. They are now numbered: 1999.07.2899 - 1999.07.3124, and are available in Special Collections in the HCC Photograph Collection. Catalog information about them is in the HCC Photograph Collections Database. About 30 images were not cataloged because they are outside the northwest California region; they remain with the other unprocessed photographs. As the initial review progressed it was apparent that images from the same batch or event were separated and in different files. The images were reorganized and fortunately additional information about many of the images was located in the Information Files portion of the Genzoli Collection. These files had titles similar to the photo file titles. Viola Risling Ryerson and Judy Risling helped identify some of the persons and events in the images. A large batch of the images (1999.07.2993 - 1999.07.3043), mostly of the Hoopa school and of school activities, matched up with a manuscript focusing on the life of William (Billy) E. Beckwith which was found in the Information Files filed under "Spencer". It was probably written by Dorcus J. Spencer as part of her early 20th Century work with the Women's Board of Home Missions of the Presbyterian Church. Negatives without accompanying prints were scanned. Also scanned were images selected for possible exhibit, because they are associated with The Land of the Grasshopper Song (Arnold and Reed), or with the Spencer manuscript described above. About 95 were scanned. Digital files of these are available online via the Special Collections Photograph Collections Database. Printouts of these images are also available in the HCC Photograph Collection. The original negatives and photograph prints of the scanned images have been "retired" to storage for safekeeping.

    • Series: Newspaper Indexes - Boxes 1-3


    • Subseries: Index to selected topics in local newspapers
      This 3500 (approx.) card index primarily covers the Humboldt Times circa 1854-1914. The index is in four card (5"x7") file boxes. This is not a complete index to the Humboldt Times or other newspaper. Some of the index cards contain lengthy quotes from the articles referenced, others only a few words plus the date and page of the article. The file is particularly strong in maritime matters and most of these entries appear in Wallace E. Martin's Sail and Steam on the Northern California Coast (VK24.C2 M37) HCC. In the 1980s Library staff reorganized the arrangement of the cards for more standard subject access. The new subject heading was written in pencil in the upper left corner of the card.
    • Subseries: Newspaper clippings scrapbooks
      Eight scrapbooks with an accompanying index in two card 5"x7" file boxes. Genzoli authored many of the articles in these scrapbooks. Topics relate to northwestern California.
  • Series: Seth Kinman Materials

    Genzoli accumulated numerous manuscripts and photographs pertaining to Seth Kinman, a well known Humboldt County pioneer, including copies of the unpublished memoirs dictated by Kinman in 1876 to H. Neibur. These copies were created circa 1920s by George Richmond from the original manuscript. A photocopy of one of these manuscripts is in the Humboldt Room (F868.K56 A3 1876). Other files include correspondence between Genzoli and other Kinman researchers, most notably George Richmond and Marshall Anspach. The correspondence received from Richmond and Anspach demonstrates the strong interests all three men had in further publishing about Kinman. Included is Genzoli's own notebook on Kinman, as well as photographs of, and related to, Kinman. In 2002 Rob Roberts (a researcher) made notes about the manuscripts and how they relate to each other; these useful notes are in Folder 22.

    Box 4
    • Sub-series: “Life and Adventures” manuscripts
  1. H. Niebur. 1876. “Seth Kinman: Life and Adventures of the Renowned Humboldt and Trapper, Guide and Explorer.” Photocopy of George Richmond’s 1926 version. 330 pages. A copy is also held in the Humboldt Room (F864.K56 A3 1876).
  2. H. Niebur. 1876. “Seth Kinman: Life and Adventures of the Renowned Hunter and Trapper, Guide and Explorer.” First of two handwritten copies created by George Richmond circa 1920. 340 pages.
  3. H Niebur. 1876. “Seth Kinman: Life and Adventures of the Renowned Hunter and Trapper, Guide and Explorer.” Second of two handwritten copies created by George Richmond circa 1926. 317 pages.
  4. George Richmond. No date. Handwritten summary of “Life and Adventures.” 10 pages.
  • Sub-series: “Seth Kinman Stories” manuscripts
    1. George Richmond. No date. Handwritten manuscript of “Seth Kinman Stories.” These stories are not included in “Life and Adventures.” 225 pages.
    2. George Richmond. No date. Typed manuscript of “Seth Kinman Stories.” 135 pages.
  • Sub-series: Richmond Materials
    1. George Richmond. No date. Typed manuscript which combine parts of “Life and Adventures” and “Seth Kinman Stories.” 275 pages.
    2. George Richmond. No date. Second typed manuscript which combines parts of “Life and Adventures” and “Seth Kinman Stories.” 161 pages.
    3. George Richmond. No date. Photocopy of manuscript contained in File 8. 161 pages.
    4. George Richmond. No date. Duplicate of manuscript in File 9.
  • Sub-series: Anspach Materials
    1. Marshall Anspach. Circa 1946-1947. [Anspach’s Scrapbook].
    2. Seth Kinman Literature [Binder with two documents]
    • H. Niebur. No date. “Life and Adventures of the Renowned Hunter and Trapper, Guide and Explorer: Seth Kinman” Typed copy of George Richmond’s manuscript. 175 pages.
    • Marshall Anspach. No date. “The Lost History of Seth Kinman: Noted California Hunter. 1815-1888.” Typed draft. 27 pages.
    • Marshall Anspach. April 1947. “The Lost History of Seth Kinman: Noted California Hunter. 1815-1888. Now and Then, VIII (8). 181-212.
  • Marshall Anspach. 1948. “The Lost History of Seth Kinman: Noted California Hunter. 1815-1888.” 43 pages.
  • Sub-series: Genzoli Materials
    1. Andrew Genzoli. Circa 1947. Genzoli’s Notebook.
    2. Correspondences, 1947-1962. Letters to Genzoli mostly from Marshall Anspach and Raymond Richmond.
    3. Andrew Genzoli. No date. Draft of “The Story of Seth Kinman.”
    4. Andrew Genzoli. August 1931. “Seth Kinman: California Hunter and Trapper.” The Grizzly Bear. Page 4.
  • Sub-series: Articles and Student Papers
    1. Lynwood Carranco. September/October 1984. “The Curious Life and Bloody Times of Seth Kinman.” The Californian, 2(5), 32-41.
      Binder of five student papers about Seth Kinman:
    • Paul Grundman. No date. “Seth Kinman: Humboldt County Mountain Man and His Rifles.” 5 pages. Includes three pictures of Kinman’s rifles.
    • ____________; “Life of Seth Kinman: Father of Carlin Kinman.” No date. 8 pages.
    • William Bowles. March 1979. “Seth Kinman.” 14 pages.
    • John Clements. March 1979. “The Life and Times of Seth Kinman, 1815-1888.” 18 pages.
    • Leland Shanle. June 1975. “Seth Kinman: Early Day Hunter and Trapper.” 7 pages.
  • “Seth Kinman, of Humboldt County, California.” June 1857. Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper, 78 (III), page 1. Two copies.
  • Sub-series: Kinman Photographs and Negatives
    1. Kinman Photographs and Negatives. 50 photographs numbered 1999.08.0001-1999.08.0050, but not cataloged. Negatives are unprocessed.
  • Sub-series: Kinman Miscellaneous
    1. Portions of lecture titled “Seth Kinman, or Prince of California Pioneers” pages 1-6, 8; and handwritten notes on Kinman pages 10-32.
    2. Rob Roberts’ (a researcher) notes on Kinman manuscripts and how each relates to the others; 2002
    • Series: Northwest California Publications and Manuscripts - Boxes 5-7

      Agriculture and redwoods related publications are particularly strong areas. A wide assortment of subjects and organizations are represented in publications and manuscript materials in this series.

      Many items that were in this series have been separated from the collection. They are now cataloged and available in the Reading Room. These pertain to the agriculture, especially the dairy industry and to the county fair. The catalog record includes a note that the item came from the Genzoli Collection. A list of these removed items is available.

      Box 5
    1. Ferndale Cow Testing Association Humboldt County Annual Summary. 1957, 1958
      Ferndale Cow Testing Association. Annual Report, 1963-1964, 1972-1973.
    2. Arcata Dairy Herd Improvement Association. Annual Report, 1961-1962, 1962-1963, 1963-1964.
    3. Humboldt County Fair Association. Circa 1954. Dairy Cow Score Card.
    4. University of California, Farm and Home Advisors Humboldt and Del Norte. 1958. Your University of California Farm and Home Advisors in Humboldt and Del Norte, 1958. Two copies; one copy is cataloged and in the Humboldt Room, (SF221 A559).
    5. University of California, Agricultural Extension Service, Humboldt and Del Norte Counties. Circa 1960. Your Future Agricultural Center for Meetings, Leader Training, 4-H Activities, and those with any Agricultural Problem. Two copies; one copy is cataloged and in the Humboldt Room, (SF221 A559).
    6. Department of Agriculture, Humboldt County. 1975, 1976. Humboldt County Agricultural Report, 1975. Includes crop statistics. Note: Also found in Humboldt Room, (HD1775.C2 H8 1940-1977).
    7. Board of Supervisors, Humboldt County. 1952. Humboldt’s Timber: A Present and Future Problem. Note: Also found in Humboldt Room, (SD436.C3 P5).
    8. 15th Redwood Region Logging Conference Bulletin. May 1953. Eureka, California.
    9. Sierra Club Bulletin, June 1964. Article about Redwood Park.
    10. Melville Bell Grosvenor and, Paul A. Zahl. July 1964. World’s Tallest Tree Discovered. National Geographic. July 1964. Finding the Mt. Everest of All Living Things. National Geographic. Two copies; one copy cataloged and in the Humboldt Room, (SD 397 R3 F725).
    11. American Forest Products Industries. 1965. Our Growing Redwoods. Two copies.
    12. Redwood Park and Recreation Committee. Circa 1965. The Redwood Park and Recreation Plan. “Advance copy: Preliminary only.” Organization based in Eureka.
    13. Redwood Empire Association. 1965. Redwood Empire. San Francisco. Redwood Empire Association. Redwood Empire Visitor’s Guide; 1972, 1974.
    14. Emanuel Fritz and James A. Rydelius. 1966. Redwood Reforestation Problems: An Experimental Approach to their Solution. Two copies.
    15. Citizens for a Redwood National Park (CRNP). August 1967. Newsletter. Local citizens in favor of a Redwood National Park. Note: Also found in Humboldt Room, (F868 R4 H8 vol. 6).
    16. Assembly Committee on Natural Resources, Planning, and Public Works, California State Legislature. 1967. Conflict in the Redwoods: Assembly Committee Reports, Part I, 1965-67.
    17. Harriett Weaver. 1972. Redwoods: A Teaching Unit for Upper Elementary Grades.
    18. Victoria T. Olson. 1977. He saved the Redwoods: Conservationist A. P. Hill and the Founding of California’s First Still-existing State Park. American West, September/October 1977.
    19. Andrew Genzoli, ed. 1968-1969. Humboldtiana: A Collection of Humboldt and Northwestern California History. Copy also held in Humboldt Room, (F868.H8 H885).
    20. Cattle drive trail route map; from Red Bluff along the Mad River at certain points. Grazing areas and campsites are among the areas identified.
    21. Steelhead Fishing Atlas. No date. Map of northern California steelhead streams.
    22. Northern California Magazine. November 1975.
    23. Greater Humboldters: Builders – Leaders. Cartoon Series. 1927. A copy also held in Humboldt Room, (F868.H8 H855 1927).
    24. Northwestern Pacific Railroad. 1965. Re-driving of the Golden Spike: Southwestern Pacific Rail Service restored after 1964 Flood Damage. Souvenir booklet.
    25. Board of Supervisors, Humboldt County. 1960. Annual Financial Report: Fiscal Year 1959-1960.
    26. Natural Resources Division, Department of Public Works, Humboldt County. 1978. An Historic Resources Inventory: The Old Arcata – Myrtle Avenue Corridor. Two copies. Copy also held in Humboldt Room, (NA735 B39 H42).
    27. Eureka High School. 1922. The Sequoia; yearbook.
    28. City of Eureka. 1964. Eureka Volunteer Fire Department: 100 Years of Service. Two copies. Copy also held in Humboldt Room, (TH9505 E85 T5 1964).
    29. Robert H. Madsen. No date. The Carson House. Prospectus. Two copies.
    30. Fred S. Cook, ed. California Traveler, 43. No date. Includes several article about Humboldt County including “Newspapers of the Northwest” and “A. Brizard and Co.”
    31. Parker-Withers and Associates, eds. 1955. Eureka Newspaper, Inc. Third Classified Directory and Guide Book, 1955-56.
      Polk’s Eureka Business Supplement, 1952-53. Telephone directory and buyer’s guide. A copy also held in Humboldt Room, (F869.E8 A18).
    32. City Council, Eureka, California. Circa 1965. Master Plan for Street Names and Numbers.
    33. Douglas F. Davis. July 1973. Fort Humboldt Logging Museum. Journal of Forest History. Reprint.
    34. Relic Accumulators. Junque. Newsletters of Humboldt County ephemera collectors circa 1972-1974. Four issues.
      Humboldt Antique Bottle Collectors. Stopper. Newsletters of Humboldt County bottle collectors circa 1966-1968.
    35. Journal of Colonel Redick McKee. 1853. Typed copy of McKee’s Journal; Describes his travels through northwestern California.
    36. Peter Palmquist. Circa 1975. Fine California Views: The Photographs of A. W. Ericson. Pre-print proofs.
    37. Joseph C. Trainor. 1977. Humboldt State University from its start as Humboldt Normal School as reported in the Arcata Union: A List of Articles in Chronological Order. A copy can also be found in the Humboldt Room, (LD729.6.A6 T73).
    38. Pacifica: Magazine of the Northcoast. 1971 – 1972.
      1971 issues: June, July, August, October, November, December
      1972 issues: February, June, July, Summer, September, November, December
      Copies also held in the Humboldt Room, (F868.H8 P33).
    39. Pacifica: Magazine of the Northcoast. 1973 – 1975.
      1973 issues: January, February, March, Spring, May, (December issue has been moved to cataloged set to make more complete)
      1974 issues: January, December
      1975 issue: Winter
      Copies also held in the Humboldt Room, (F868.H8 P33).
    40. California Historical Societies. June 1955. Proceedings of the First Annual Meeting of the Conference of California Historical Societies.
    41. California Historical Landmarks. Circa 1970. Two copies.
    42. California Centennials Commission. 1948-1950. California Centennials. Newsletters of the Commission.
    43. California State Parks Foundation. Annual Report, 1976. Two copies.
    44. Department of Parks and Recreation, State of California. 1963. Report on a Study of a Yurok Indian Village. Report on the rebuilding of a Yurok village at Patrick’s Point State Park. Copy also held in the Humboldt Room, (E99 Y97 C25 1964).
    Box 6
    1. Raymond Aker. 1970. Report of Findings relating to Identification of Sir Francis Drake’s Encampment at Point Reyes National Seashore: A Research Report of the Drake Navigators Guild.
    2. California State Chamber of Commerce. Circa 1950. California Landmarks. Compilation of state landmarks.
    3. Elmer J. Binker, ed. Calorenev’s Postal Historian. 1967-1972. Newsletter focused on the history of postal service in northern California, southern Oregon, and northwestern Nevada.
    4. Susie Baker Fountain Notebook. Hand-copied newspaper articles from the Weekly Humboldt Times, 1879-1889; about 20 pages; various topics.
    5. A. W. Blackburn Scrapbook. 1906. Newspaper clippings of Humboldt County interest.
    6. Mrs. Sumner Carson Cookbook. 1904-1907. Mrs. Carson’s scrapbook which focuses mainly on her newspaper clippings of recipes but also includes some information related to the Carson family.
    7. Bell Family Scrapbook. Circa 1920s. Newspaper clippings, photographs, and other ephemera. Portrait titled “Mrs. Noah Falk” inserted in front.
    8. Redwood Genealogical Society. Redwood Researcher.Four binders: Vol. I-V, 1968-1973; vol. VI-X, 1973-1978; vol. XI-XIV, 1978-1982; and vol. XV-XVII, 1982-1984. Copies also held in the Humboldt Room, (F860 R4)
    Box 7
    1. Humboldt Milling Company Stocks Ledger 1888-1946.
    2. Mendocino County Historical Society Newsletters, 1979-1980. Copies also held in the Humboldt Room, (F868 M5 M42).
    3. Bulletin of the Del Norte County Historical Society, 1963; Copies also held in the Humboldt Room, (F868 D4 D4).
    4. Bulletin of the Del Norte County Historical Society, 1964-1972; Copies also held in the Humboldt Room, (F868 D4 D4).
    5. Bulletin of the Del Norte County Historical Society, 1973-1980, loose issues 1964-1983. Copies also held in the Humboldt Room, (F868 D4 D4).
    • Series: Voter Registers

      Box 8
      • "Great Register of Klamath County, 1873."
      • "Great Register of Mendocino County, for the year 1873."
      • "Great Register of Siskiyou County, Cal., 1873."
      • "Great Register and Supplement thereto of the County of Humboldt, 1888."
      • "Great Register and Supplement of the County of Humboldt, 1890."
      • "Great Register and Supplement thereto of the County of Humboldt, 1892."
      • "Supplemental Precinct Registers of Humboldt County, 1898."
    • Series: Dairy Industry Scrapbooks - Boxes 9-10

      Documents and clippings pertaining to the dairy industry, especially the California Central Creameries, and the Excelsior Creamery Company.

      Box 9
    1. Excelsior Creamery Company Ledger, Ferndale. 1893-1896
    2. Dairy Scrapbook. 1908-1921. Includes newspaper clippings mostly concerning Humboldt County dairies and policy letters of the California Central Creameries.
    3. Dairy Scrapbook. 1911-1952. Newspaper clippings mostly concerning Humboldt County dairies.
    4. Dairy Scrapbook
    Box 10
    1. Ferndale Junior Chamber of Commerce Scrapbook. 1940-1944. Compiled by Andrew Genzoli.
    2. Dairy Scrapbook. Circa 1910. Newspaper clipping focused on three Humboldt County diaries: Central Creamery Company, Arcata Creameries, and Valley Creameries.
    3. Pages from a dairy scrapbook 1949-1954. Five loose pages.
    • Series: Oversized materials

      Box 11 - Fort Seward Hotel Registry for "Railroad Day"; first train from Sausalito, and various newspaper specimens.
    1. Hotel Register (several pages) from "Railroad Day," first passenger train from Sausalito to Fort Seward in one day. Includes signatures of Northwestern Pacific Railroad officials. (This register is also listed in Series: Account Ledgers and Hotel Registers (Item 13).
    2. West Coast Signal Newspaper, 1872.
    3. Ferndale Independent Newspaper, 1898.
    4. The California Newspaper, 1912.
    5. Metzler Newspaper Insert, No date. Two-page newspaper insert regarding the re-election of District Attorney S. E. Metzler.
    6. Humboldt County's Century: A Century of Progress; a chronology of discovery, exploration and settlement; 1953. Prepared by Genzoli. Two copies. Includes original negatives. Similar information contained in Humboldt Room, (F868 H8 H89).
    7. The North Coast Scene, 1977. Excerpt from Times-Standard newspaper. Several articles by Genzoli.
    • Series: Account Ledgers and Hotel Registers - Not boxed (wrapped and contents written on wrapping)
    1. Account Ledger, 1887-1888.
    2. Account Ledger, 1902-1904.
    3. Account Ledger, 1903-1904.
    4. Ferndale, Cal. Account Ledger, 1903-1906.
    5. Ferndale, Cal. Account Ledger, 1906-1910.
    6. "P" Ranch Ledger, 1898-1902.
    7. Cash Ledger (probably for "P" Ranch), 1903-1906.
    8. Cash Ledger (probably for "P" Ranch).
    9. Pioneer Hotel Register, Hydesville, 1880-1881.
    10. Pixley Hotel Register, Ferndale, 1887-1892.
    11. Hotel Register, 1913-1914.
    12. Hotel Register, 1914-1924.
    13. Hotel Register from "Railroad Day," first through passenger train from Sausalito to Fort Seward in one day. Includes signatures of Northwestern Pacific Railroad officials. This register is stored in Box 11, Item 1 (due to its size).
    • Series: Maps and Drawings - Not boxed (wrapped and contents written on wrappings)

      Maps have been assigned numbers 1999.08.0051 - 1999.08.0056 and are stored with Boxes 1-11. Three maps highlighting geologic features, especially faults, bear the name of Joseph Bognuda. Mr. Bognuda was with the Ferndale Seismographic Station, U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey. Two oversized maps mounted on rods are stored with the HCC oversize maps.
      • 1999.08.0051 - Division of Forestry, Humboldt County, Southern Half; 1949. Notes on verso: "Slide at railroad near Scotia"; "Good of Scotia Bluffs and Rio Dell Bluffs"; "Joseph Bognuda, Tates Rest Home".
      • 1999.08.0052 - Navigational Chart, Point Arena to Trinidad Head, #5602; 1962. Note on chart "Bear River Fault"; Notes on verso: "Ocean and San Andreas Fault line from Point Arena north to Shelter Cove".
      • 1999.08.0053 - Belcher's Map of Humboldt County; 1922. Stamped on map: "Jos. J. Bognuda, Ferndale Seismograph Station, U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey"; Fault lines and notes regarding volcanic ash and atomic plant; Condition: very fragile.
      • 1999.08.0054 - Study of Conveyances under 1857 Tide Land Grant to the City of Eureka. 1968.
      • 1999.08.0055 - Cheney (Chaney) Slough Drainage Project; no date; four sheets; Frank E. Kelly, R.E.
      • 1999.08.0056 - Western States Gas and Electric Co.; Station "B" Plan; Eureka; revised 1912; B.S.L. M. Co [Bayside Lumber] buildings and rail lines; Whipple Street; 3 copies; blueprint.
      • 1999.08.0057 - Map of Eureka, Lentell, 1888. Linen-backed, mounted on rod. Shows subdivisions Condition: top is fragile and soiled. Stored with the HCC oversize maps.
      • 1999.08.0058 - Map of Humboldt County, Denny's; 1911. Linen-backed, mounted on roller. Shows: property ownership, Indian allotments, some lots hand colored red, some blue; R. P Cassel written at top, H. J. Bridges written at top on verso. Condition: fragile and soiled. Stored with the HCC oversize maps.

    Subject Headings

    Agriculture - California - Humboldt County
    Dairying - California - Humboldt County
    Ferndale (Calif.) - History
    Journalism - California - Humboldt County
    Humboldt County (Calif.) - History
    Humboldt County (Calif.) - Newspapers
    Kinman, Seth, 1815-1888
    Sasquatch - California - Humboldt County