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Carranco (Lynwood) Papers - Finding Aid

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The University Library, Special Collections
Cal Poly Humboldt
One Harpst Street
Arcata, California 95521

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Joan Berman, MLS, MA

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Lynwood Carranco, Ruth (Carranco) Cox

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1850s-2006 (Inclusive); 1960s-1980s (Bulk)

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10.5 cubic feet, 11 boxes


Lynwood ("Links") Carranco (April 2, 1921–July 1, 1987) was born in Samoa, California, a company town owned by Hammond Lumber, and worked in the mills as a young man. He became a teacher, historian and meticulous researcher, writing on the history of his native Humboldt County and northwestern California, especially logging history. His papers reflect the subject matter of his historical writings. For an introductory guide to the content of Carranco's papers, see the two bibliographies of his published works.


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Acquisition Information

Collection received from Jack Irvine in 2013. Prior to that, in 2007, one box of Carranco materials had been deaccessioned from the American Heritage Center (University of Wyoming) to the HSU Library Special Collections who in May 2012 further transferred it to Jack Irvine to keep all the known Carranco materials together. In 2013, he compiled the papers, integrating the Wyoming segment, and gifted it to HSU.

Biographical Information

Lynwood ("Links") Carranco (April 2, 1921–July 1, 1987) was born in Samoa, California, a company town owned by Hammond Lumber, and worked in the mills as a young man. He served as a radio operator in the U.S. Naval Air Corps during World War II, returning to Humboldt County to complete his BA (Education and Secondary teaching credential) at Humboldt State College in 1948. Carranco attended Teachers College, Columbia University, receiving both his MA (English) in 1951 and encouragement from Professor Allen Walker Read to continue for a PhD, with a dissertation topic exploring the history of men and mills and logger lingo in the redwood country. This dissertation, with the title The Redwood Country: A History of Logging and Logger Language, was finally completed in 1973, after combined graduate work at University of Southern California (1959-1964), Ball State University (1967-1969), and Laurence University in Sarasota, Florida (1972-1973); circumstances had prevented Carranco from returning to Columbia. Although there is not a copy of the dissertation in this collection, it is clear that it was integrally related to many of his publications.

Carranco taught English at Arcata High School (1951-1956), and then at Humboldt State College (1956-1964; leave without pay 1959-1960), before becoming head of the English Department at the newly established College of the Redwoods in 1964. At College of the Redwoods he also taught a local history course, History 13, for a number of terms. By 1975, when Carranco became president of the Humboldt County Historical Society, he had published The Redwood Country: History, Language, Folklore (1971), a compilation of articles he had previously published in scholarly journals, as well as Logging the Redwoods with co-author John T. Labbe (1975). The next period saw the publication of a number of articles in Humboldt Historian, reflecting Carranco's heavy involvement with its parent organization, the Humboldt County Historical Society. Genocide and Vendetta: The Round Valley Wars of Northern California, by Carranco and Estle Beard, his Mendocino County friend and collaborator, appeared from University of Oklahoma Press in 1981; the earlier, working title of the manuscript was Yolla Bolly Country. Two more books, Redwood Lumber Industry (1982) and the commissioned College of the Redwoods: The First Nineteen Years (1985), followed, as well as a second edition of The Redwood Country (1986) that included several of his more recently published scholarly articles.

Carranco was diagnosed with cancer in 1986 and he died on July 1, 1987. He had retired from teaching in 1982 in order to pursue his historical writing and publishing. Steam in the Redwoods, in collaboration with Henry Sorensen, was close to completion and he and John Labbe were continuing to work on Logger's Lexicon. He had been working on a major book on Lumber Barons, focusing on Vance, Hammond and Merlo; he also had a long-standing interest in publishing a book on ships and shipping in northwestern California as well as an updated work on Samoa, the town of his childhood. Further, he had been compiling notes for some form of writing about his father's time spent with Pancho Villa in Mexico.

Scope and Content

Carranco was a historian and a writer.  His papers reflect the subject matter of his historical writings, primarily the history of Humboldt County and northwestern California with emphasis on logging and lumbering in redwood country. For an introductory guide to the content of Carranco’s  papers, see the two bibliographies of his published works, one including articles published in the local history magazine, Humboldt Historian, and the other including all other publications.

Of particular note are the publisher correspondence files for the major publications and the correspondence with John T. Labbe, Carranco's co-author on Logging the Redwoods and Logger's Lexicon. Labbe died in 2001 and his papers are located at the Oregon Historical Society.

To introduce the collection, Jack Irvine wrote:

[Carranco's] first book was an English textbook, Fundamentals of Modern English (Wm. C. Brown, 1963), but his first love, and most of his subsequent work, was Humboldt County and logging history. While Carranco was not the most prolific of his generation of local historians, he was the only one to regularly place his articles in academic journals and to find commercial publishers for his books. His best-selling book, Logging the Redwoods (Caxton Press, 1975), co-authored with John T. Labbe, has remained in print for nearly 40 years. Carranco's most notorious work, Genocide and Vendetta: The Round Valley Wars of Northern California, co-written with Estle Beard, documents the intense and bloody conflict between white settlers and the resident Native Americans in the Southern Humboldt/Northern Mendocino area. Its unflattering portrayal of the ancestors of families that still operate ranches in the area has led to a legend that powerful interests suppressed the book. Sadly, this was not the case. Carranco's co-author, an amateur historian, borrowed too much from the work of Virginia P. Miller, who induced the publisher, the University of Oklahoma Press, to cancel the book.

Arrangement of the Collection

Carranco's research files reflect the interconnectedness of his various interests and projects. When the collection came to HSU, it had been moved multiple times. Jack Irvine, a friend and collaborator, had been the primary mover - and organizer - of the papers through their various moves, working with Carranco's wife, Ruth (Carranco) Cox, up until after her death in 2013. He provided a very informed description of the collection along with a brief box inventory that served as the basis for arrangement. Original order of the files appears to have been generally an alphabetical filing system, based either on file folder name and/or subject matter. Multiple folders bear the same heading. Folders generally were not full, many included only a few items. Original folders and their titles were retained as much as possible, minimal refoldering was done, and rusted paperclips were removed/replaced, but staples were not removed. Several handwritings are present, including his wife Ruth's, especially in the more recent correspondence files relating to book publications. Carranco reused folders and on occasion the contents bore little resemblance to a title on either side of the folder: sometimes adjacent folders (despite the multiple moves) provided a clue, but sometimes the contents simply were not related to any folder evidence. The last such find while processing the College of the Redwoods box was the folder containing minutes of the first meetings of the C/R Advisory Board: no heading on the folder, but on the front these words: V. National Park and Future of Industry. With knowledge of the rest of the collection it was now possible to guess that the original contents might at one point have been the last chapter of the dissertation as there were several folders in the broad Lumbering category with headings: Lumbering Future. However, there is not a copy of the dissertation in the collection.

Where possible, materials were grouped around the major publications, including publisher correspondence, reviews, and manuscript versions. Unannotated copies of standard book chapters, articles and dissertations were discarded as were student papers, although some attempt was made to retain copies of student papers that were cited in Carranco's publications. Several items (see list) were removed from the collection to other locations.

Two boxes, Photographs and Films/Micro have not been processed. Since the collection arrived with a separate box of photos, as additional photos were found in subject folders they were placed in the photo box.

Series List

Container List

Box 1

Series: Research Materials

  • Sub series: Newspaper clippings, 1973-1986. 9 black accopress volumes (plus 1 yellow folder) , articles clipped and glued to plain paper, occasional slip markers for subjects.
    • Newspaper Clippings [1973-1979]
    • [Newspaper Clippings 1973-1977] [created during processing from pages interfiled in binder of Humboldt County Historical Society Newsletter issues]
    • September 10, 1979 - September 11, 1980
    • September 1980 - June 1981
    • September 15, 1981 - June 1982
    • June 1982 - December 31, 1982
    • January 1, 1983 - December 31, 1983
    • January 1, 1984 - September 15, 1984
    • September 15, 1984 - August 18, 1985
    • August 18, 1985 - April 21, 1986

Box 2

  • Sub series: Newspaper clipping notebooks. 13 numbered notebooks, including both xerox pages and Carranco notes pages; some notebooks have (incomplete) subject notation on cover and/or slips with subject terms inserted in the notebook. Generally, these correspond to topics he was researching for publication. There are additional yellow notepad pages of notes from other issues of newspapers throughout the subject files and also similar notebooks by subject, e.g., Littlefield Murders in Series: Publications - Genocide & Vendetta.
    • Humboldt West Coast Signal, 1872-1878 (1)
    • Weekly Times-Telephone, 1879-1884 (2)
    • [Humboldt Standard], 1883-1884, Daily Humboldt Times, & Humboldt Times, 1897 (2a)
    • Weekly Times-Telephone, 1884-1885 (3)
    • Weekly Humboldt Times, 1887, and Standard, 1888 (4)
    • Weekly Times-Telephone, 1886, November 1885, 1891-1892, 1894-1896 (5)
    • Humboldt Daily Standard, 1889 (6)
    • Weekly Humboldt Times, 1890 (7)
    • Weekly Humboldt Times, 1890 (7 [sic])
    • Humboldt Times, 1897-1903 (8)
    • Daily Standard, 1902 (9)
    • Daily Humboldt Times, Jan-April 1908, Feb-Dec 1915 Humboldt Standard (clipped originals) [10]
    • Humboldt Times, May-July 1918, Sept-Dec 1919, 1921 - Mattole Valley, November 9 (Brooklyn), Dec 1930, 1932, Tiverton 1933 [11]
  • Sub series: Subject files
    • Subject files: Kinman, Seth. [See Genzoli Collection, Series: Kinman, for a full discussion of the various Kinman manuscript copies.] 2 volumes Richmond mss and 8 folders.
      • Xerox of Kinman manuscript: Exact Copy from the Original Matter by G.M. Richmond, In possession of Margaret James Anderson, with subject slips - 2 ringed volumes
      • Drafts of his Kinman article
      • The Californians Sept/Oct 1984 - Kinman
      • John Staas correspondance re Kinman [Ruth (Carranco) Cox]
      • Kinman [Staas/Ruth Cox]
      • Kinman speech 2-19-84 [HCHS]
      • Kinman Now and Then
      • [Anspaugh letters, copies]
      • [Kinman] name on front of folder: Chad Hoopes; Info on Rosanna Williams who married Nathan Kinman, an uncle to Seth Kinman
    • Subject files: Ships, Shipping & Shipwrecks. Carranco intended to write a book. He did publish Maritime Fiasco on the Northern California Coast in 1981 about the Milwaukee and H-3, reprinted in Redwood Country, 1986, and Two Tragic Shipwrecks (Northerner and Brother Jonathan) in 1987. 18 folders covering these and Matthews shipbuilding, Aeolus and Merrimac, and Brooklyn. Includes student papers by Douglas Anthony, The Wreck of the U.S.S. Milwaukee and the Submarine U.S.S. H-3 and Jack Buehler, The Brother Jonathan.

Box 3

  • Subject files: Lumber Barons/Lumbering. Carranco envisioned a manuscript on "Three Timber Barons: John Vance, A.B. Hammond, and Harry Merlo, which developed the story of a lumber mill started by John Vance in Eureka and which is now Louisiana Pacific, Redwood Division…" This section has been decreased (removal of unannotated xeroxes of standard sources) and increased to include Lumbering more broadly from original subject files related to Carranco's published books as opposed to the unpublished "Logger Barons" project, as the content is so inter-related. Much material here, and in the next section, has been incorporated into the books, Logging the Redwoods, Redwood Lumber Industry, and Steam in the Redwoods. Folder names are multiple and messy, with rough groupings around Barnum, Hammond, Vance, TPL, Simpson and "lumbering future."
  • Subject files: Lumber Railroads. Includes some material probably not in the published volumes as those volumes were edited for length.

Box 4

  • Subject files: Samoa/Peninsula. Carranco grew up in Samoa; his first mentioned paper, January 25, 1947, for an English class was titled "A Brief History of the Peninsula." He continued to pursue the history, from the discovery of Humboldt Bay through the Samoa lumber lineages and the Bendixsen shipbuilding era, as well as the maritime disasters. He intended to return to the local history of the town as subject matter for research and writing. 17 folders, most marked "Samoa" in some variation.
  • Subject files: Alphabetical. Most relate directly to published articles, including in Humboldt Historian; one folder each, unless otherwise noted. Many of these folders could have been located with one or another of the larger subject groupings, but the specificity of the folder titles suggested a single alphabetical order may have existed at some point in time. Many relate to topics of Carranco's published articles.
    • Abbott, Tiny
    • Adorni [interview]
    • Anza/Pellet
    • Arcata [Historic Sites Society] Newsletter
    • Astor Cut
    • Barnum Awards HSU
    • Bigfoot
    • [Boont]
    • Cabrillo
    • Cannam, Karl
    • [Canals of Humboldt County/Schimps]
    • Carlson, Ted - TPL [interview]
    • Chinese (2 folders)
    • Deyerle - Fort Humboldt
    • Donner Party
    • Ericson, A.W. (2 folders)
    • [Fort Humboldt - Excerpts from letters of Harriet St. John Simpson wife of Josiah Simpson, Surgeon U.S. Army, who was stationed at Fort Humboldt during the years 1854, 1855, 1956, 1857]
    • Forts of Humboldt County
    • French in Humboldt (2 folders)
    • [Goble, Mrs. Winifred (Miller) - Childhood memories of Life on Eel River]
    • Grant (Whore House) Ellington
    • Gregg Party (2 folders)
    • Gruhn, Al - Unions
    • Harte, Bret/letter [requesting photos of 927 J Street where Harte lived with his sister]; folder includes copy of Carranco article]
    • [Howatt] (folder says "Stephenson")
    • [Humboldt Bay] Discovery of (4 folders)
    • Indian Marathons
    • Indomitable
    • [IWW]
    • Jesuits 1697-1768
    • [Jones, Emily - obit 1970]
    • Knabb, George (Hammond Lumber Company) [interview]
    • Korbel
    • Kyne, Peter B
    • Labor Unions - Redwoods [Humboldt Labor History Project]
    • [(Humboldt) Labor History Project - Committee Minutes and By-Laws]
    • [Legends]
    • Loeffelholz letters
    • Loleta - Parry
    • Lord, William [as told by his daughter, Mrs. Betsey Lord Lytel]
    • [McCormick, Evelyn - misc. notes to Carranco]
    • McKee, Redick - Minutes kept by John McKee
    • McKinley Statue - Zehndner
    • Mad River Slough
    • [Miscellaneous newspaper clippings - 1960s]
    • Niebuhr/Island
    • Oeschger, Joe (2 folders)
    • Oil in Humboldt County (substantial folder)
    • Ottinger, Douglass/E.H. Howard
    • Pearsall, C.E. (2 folders)
    • Pioneers
    • Place Names (2 folders)
    • Prostitution/Eureka
    • Reading Journal
    • Rivers
    • Rutledge, P.J. [Interview by John Larson, Forest History Foundation]
    • Ryan, James T./Brannam, Sam
    • Shaw Map
    • Smith, Jedediah [from Del Norte County Historical Society Bulletin]
    • Street Railways/Eureka (2 folders)
    • Tan Oak/Briceland
    • [Thoma, Mel]

Box 5

Series: Correspondence and Journal Publications. Includes publisher (and some other) correspondence, book reviews and some text versions. Begins with biographical information and non-book publications.

  • Sub series: Personal information, correspondence, and non-book publications. Carranco's wife Ruth (died December 2013) added and/or organized some folders in this group
    • Photos, head shots, some by Tom Knight
    • Education, transcripts, etc. (folder marked Univ. Sarasota)
    • Book Contracts [Ruth (Carranco) Cox]
    • Royalties
    • Contemporary Authors
    • Western Writers of America
    • Correspondence re Links' Writings [Ruth Carranco Cox]
    • Correspondence - Miscellaneous
    • orrespondence - Publishers (1950s-1960s)
  • Sub series: Other publications
    • Let's Stop Worshipping the Dictionary - copies of Clearing House article and slightly abridged version in Education Digest (1954)
    • Graduate school papers, including The Social Structure of the Redwood Region [autobiographical] (1960s)
    • Book Reviews (1960s-1970s)
    • Play Reviews (Humboldt State, 1957)
    • History 13 class lecture notes - 2 folders
    • Speeches/presentations - 7 folders
      • Eureka High 45th Reunion - 1939-1984 - Carranco the M.C.
      • Historical Research - how Carranco got into it/self introduction - 2 folders
      • California Indian - 2 folders
      • Rotary - Logger Language
      • Slides/Speech - Fountain slides (slides went to HCHS)
    • Humboldt County Historical Society - 4 folders
    • Correspondence to Journals - 6 folders
      • Re Seth Kinman (rejected by Smithsonian, published in The Californians, September/October 1984)
      • Historic Northern California in Seven Days (Journal of the West July 1980)
      • Logger Language in Redwood Country (Journal of Forest History July 1974) ["…the article you accepted is the Third Chapter of The Redwood Country: A History of Logging and Logger Language, a doctoral dissertation for Laurence University of Florida…"]
      • Forest-Coates Vendetta (rejected by Western Folklore)
      • Taboo Words (Rejected by Playboy, ETC.: A Review of General Semantics, Psychology Today, Esquire) - 2 folders
    • Work in progress - Pancho Villa - Carranco's father attended Escuela Militar in Cuernavaca and fought with Pancho Villa at Celaya and was wounded at Leon, finally fleeing north. Carranco "…intended to write a book about his father's adventures in the Revolution…." 6 folders of copies of articles and notes; 1 folder of photos gathered for the project moved to Series: Photographs.

Series: Publications: Books

    • Sub series: Carranco, Lynwood. 1971.The Redwood Country: History, Language, Folklore. Dubuque, IA: Kendall/Hunt (second edition, Belmont, CA: Star Publishing, 1986). Chapters previously appeared as journal articles, most by Carranco. 6 folders, including folder of reprints of original journal articles, "write-ups" (reviews), Kendall/Hunt correspondence, including possible corrections, and Star correspondence re reprint/second edition. Table of contents and (dates of original publication):
      • California redwood empire place names, by L. Carranco and A. Genzoli. (1968)
      • A study in prejudice: the Chinese and Humboldt County, California, by L. Carranco. (1961)
      • Redick McKee and the Humboldt Bay region, 1851-1852, by C. L. Hoopes.
      • Bret Harte in Union (1857-1860), by L. Carranco. (1966)
      • Two men and a mill, by H. Brett Melendy. (Dolbeer & Carson)
      • California's first railroad, by L. Carranco and Mrs. E. Fountain. (1964, Annie & Mary)
      • The Samoa Peninsula, by L. Carranco.
      • Seth Kinman, by C. L. Hoopes.
      • The northern California vendetta, by L. Carranco and E. Beard.
      • Anza's bones in Arizpe, by L. Carranco. (1969)
      • The Boonville language of northern California, by L. Carranco and W. R. Simmons. (1964)
      • "Boontling," by M. R. Rawles.
      • Logging railroad language in the Redwood Country, by L. Carranco. (1962)
      • Americanisms in the Redwood Country, by L. Carranco. (1963)
      • Three legends of northwestern California, by L. Carranco. (1963)
      • A miscellany of folk beliefs from the Redwood Country, by L. Carranco. (1967)

[N.B., Samoa Peninsula, Boontling and Americanisms in the Redwood Country not included in 1986 second edition]

[N.B., Seth Kinman by Hoopes replaced by new chapter by Carranco (1984) and new chapters Maritime Fiasco on the Northern California Coast (1981) and Logger Language in Redwood Country (1974) added to 1986 edition]

  • Sub series: Carranco, Lynwood and John T. Labbe. 1975. Logging the Redwoods. Caldwell, ID: Caxton Printers. 5 folders, including reviews, extensive Caxton correspondence. Several books being pursued simultaneously, with different publishers. For major Labbe correspondence see Logger's Lexicon. Logger Language shows up first with Caxton, posing it as second volume to Logging the Redwoods: Carranco was seeking publication of his doctoral dissertation, completed in 1973.
  • Sub series: Carranco, Lynwood. 1982. Redwood Lumber Industry. San Marino, CA: Golden West Books. 9 folders, including reviews, 3 folders of correspondence with Donald Duke/Golden West, then various proof copies of text and photos. Includes information regarding planned second edition. Much related information and some draft text is included in Series: Research Materials/Subject files: Lumber and Railroads/Steam.

Box 6

  • Sub series: Carranco, Lynwood. 1985. College of the Redwoods: The First Nineteen Years. Eureka: College of the Redwoods Foundation. 13 folders plus oversize box. Includes 4 folders of Carranco's notes, proof copy, final text copy, Fortuna site proposal with Tom Peugh's notes, 2 folders of materials from Ed Steele documenting the campaign to approve the formation of the college. Oversize box (Box 11) contains official documentation of formation of the college.
  • Sub series: Carranco, Lynwood and Henry L. Sorensen. 1988. Steam in the Redwoods. Caldwell, ID: Caxton Press. 6 folders, including Donald Duke (Golden West) and Gordon Gipson (Caxton) correspondence. Final text copy with revision notes by Sorensen as well as Carranco. Some cuts were made in publication, e.g., re Calvin Cooper Stewart and tanbark industry, so this copy was retained.
  • Sub series: Labbe, John T. and Lynwood Carranco. 2001. A Logger's Lexicon: An Illustrated Reference for Logging Terms and Technology. Hillsboro, OR: TimberTimes. 14 folders, reflecting the long gestation of this work. Includes extensive correspondence files with Labbe., from 1972-1987 and John Drayton (University of Oklahoma Press), from 1981-1983, 1997. The manuscript had been with University of Oklahoma from 1983 until after Carranco died in 1987. Had previously been with Caxton ca 1973-74, seen as second volume to Logging the Redwoods (see correspondence there); both were clearly part of Carranco's 1973 doctoral dissertation though there is not a copy of that in the collection. Includes typescript of text as returned from Oklahoma with corrections to Ruth Cox in 1996. Includes 3 folders relating to Carranco's attempts to pre-market the book, soliciting monetary support for publishing costs; this book was seen by publishers as difficult to market to a very limited audience and thus Carranco was encouraged to find up-front financial support if it was to be published.

Box 7

  • Sub series: Carranco, Lynwood and Estle Beard. 1981. Genocide and Vendetta: The Round Valley Wars of Northern California. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press. Extensive correspondence concerning the plagiarism complaint brought by Virginia Miller against Oklahoma Press in 1985 after Beard's death in 1983. See summary of the issues. This sub series is described in more depth due to the volume and complexity of the materials: the first part covers the arbitration litigation; the second part includes multiple versions of parts of the manuscript and correspondence regarding attempts to publish it; the third part consists of research notes and annotated sources, notably the Asbill manuscript, Last of the West, that Carranco received from Choate.
    • Arbitration litigation
      • Oklahoma Press/Bauer July 1985-June 1987
      • Vendetta: Dr. Miller Rebuttal
      • [Meighan]
      • [Miller thesis UC Berkeley Yuki] (2 folders)
      • Beard, Estle letters to Keller
      • loose pages found inside Yolla Bolly Country (Yellow binder - box 8 - part II) [does this correspond to "marked pages" of lawsuit?]
      • Limbach, Limbach & Sutton to Simmons & Sonnichsen re copyright arbitration May 19, 1987 - Carranco cc]
    • Publication
      • Yolla Bolly Country - Letters to publishers [1977] and 1982
      • University of Oklahoma Press correspondence [goes back to May 1967 and title: The Redwood Country: a History of Logging and Logger Language]
      • Reviews
      • Excerpt published in True West Jan 1982
      • 5 folders "Beard"
      • MSS versions
        • Last Frontier, edited copy; 2 folders
        • unlabeled folder: Front matter; chapter George Edward White; 2 early versions of Part II Chapter 1 - finally Part 1, Chapter II, The Hide Hunters/Yuki Culture
        • Carranco-Beard runover [footnotes]
        • [Bibliography and chapter notes]
        • Proof copy [missing pp 1-7]
        • Yolla Bolly Country, October 1977, 2 yellow accopress binders, parts I and II
        • [Yolla Bolly - General, Part II]

Box 8

    • Chapters - 20 folders
    • Research notes and annotated sources
      • Last of the West, Asbill, 2 vols, from Choate to Carranco
      • Jack Littlefield Murder Case - 3 folders
      • Last of the West 2 [folder]
      • 1882 S.F. Call: G.E. White
      • Majority-Minority Reports - Mendocino Wars 1860
      • Last of the West History of Round Valley, California; Life of Pierce Asbill
      • Pictures/Yolla Bolly [actually Report of the Secretary of the Interior, California Superintendency, Round Valley, 1867-68; The Other Californians, pp 36-59; Superior Court of Mendocino County, July 23, 1897, Wilson T. Sith, as Receiver in the action of George E. White vs. Frankie White, Plaintif, vs. John S. Rohrbough, George E. White Defendants]
      • Keller, John. The Mendocino Outlaws
      • Loose notes, not in folders. Includes notes from microfilm 234, etc. ; letter from Beard on name Yolla Bolly
      • Genocide and Vendetta/Carranco Beard - 10 folders

Box 9

Series: Photographs. Unprocessed. Consists of folders with subject/alpha headings, removed from rest of the files before the collection came to HSU; some photos were added to this box as the rest of the collection was processed. Per Jack Irvine: "Several hundred photographs compiled for various projects; most copy prints, including many from A. W. Ericson negatives (probably printed by Peter Palmquist). Ericson photographs with penciled captions by Jack Irvine based upon Carranco's notes (now lost)."

Box 10

Series: Films/tapes. Unprocessed. Includes microfilm of research sources, recordings of oral history interviews (some transcripts noted in other series).

Box 11

Series: Publications: Books

  • Sub series: Carranco, Lynwood. 1985. College of the Redwoods: The First Nineteen Years. Oversize. 4 legal-size numbered folders and 2 additional items
    • Junior College - Site Acquisition - Formation - Correspondence (1)
    • Junior College Election - January 1964 (2)
    • Junior College Meetings - 1963-1964 (3)
    • Del Norte Annexation to Junior College (4)
    • Folder from Walter (Dolfini) to Don (Weichert) including …record of our first official meeting…
    • College of the Redwoods General Site Area Studies & Reports, published and distributed by the Eureka Chamber of Commerce

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Labbe Collection, Oregon Historical Society

Subject Headings

Humboldt County (Calif.) - History
Kinman, Seth, 1815-1888
Samoa (Calif.) - History
Shipwrecks - California - Humboldt Bay Region
Yuki Indians - California - Round Valley - History