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Don H. Clausen Congressional Papers Constituent Services

The micrographic series of the collection includes: five boxes of microfiche, a roll of microfilm, and a set of three binders. The time span is the 87th through the 97th Congresses [1962-1982] with the majority of the materials from the 1972-1982 period. They include constituent comments on issues and legislation, Clausen's responses, and his position statements. The subjects range from government sponsored projects and political issues to individuals' requests for Clausen's intervention on their behalf. Some confidential casework documents are found in some sections of the fiche. Access to these sections is restricted. Approval for access to these confidential files will be limited to researchers who thoroughly demonstrate to the Special Collections Librarian that they will protect the privacy of individuals and obtain her/his approval.

During processing in 2002 the microfiche was transferred to acid-free containers, with the original order of the fiche maintained except to establish chronological order in a few locations. The documents were originally grouped under titles commonly used by Congressional office staff, such as "Casework" "Projects", "Academies", and "Personal." These headings were retained as a few groups of fiche were shifted to a chronological order. The fiche containing private or sensitive information (mainly falling under the heading "Casework" or "Academies") were transferred to separate boxes (boxes 4 and 5). There are duplicate copies of fiche for about 40% of the material. Where duplicates were found among the originals, they were separated into their own boxes and maintained in the same order of the originals.

Boxes 1, 2 & 3 of this series reflect the Clausen Office Staff's implementation of one of the earliest types of automated office management systems. Clausen's office staff retained constituent mail and responded to it using an early microprocessor known as the "ROBO" system. Letters generated by the word-processing ROBO machine included Clausen's responses to specific inquiries and replies about national and district concerns. A new set of ROBO reply letters was drafted for each new Congress. A constituent's letter was designated by its topic and given a category number that indicated how the office intended to respond to it. The staff would then generate a response that answered the constituent's original topical query or statement. These responses were also numbered. A list of titles of ROBO letter topics can be found on fiche marked "ROBO Letter Index." The actual responses-"ROBO Letters"-are numbered (for example X17) the same as the index and are found on fiche entitled "ROBO Letters." Researchers can utilize the ROBO File Index, Category List, and fiche containing the numbered "ROBO Letters." These files can be found in Box 2. See the Inventory List and the ROBO Index/Category List for instructions on using this cross-reference system.

The three-ring binders contain a paper index to the "Clausen Correspondence" subseries which is found in Box 3. The index covers a longer period of time than the existing fiche covers. The portion in this collection corresponds only to the entries that do not have a "1" in the "Doc #" column. The binders also contain information on items not on the microfiche indicating that only a portion of this correspondence arrived with the collection at Cal Poly Humboldt Library. Even though this paper index will be only partially useful for finding documents in the existing fiche it can still be used as a cross-reference index to find a particular author's letter sent to Clausen in 1982. Once a constituent's name has been chosen, the "Doc" or Document No. located beside it on the index corresponds to the numbers placed on the header of each fiche within the "Clausen Correspondence" group in Box 3. (Please see the Inventory List, Box 3 for an example of how to use this index.)

Donald H. Clausen Congressional Papers
Micrographic Materials 1962-1982

Box 1

  • 1962-1981, 87th Congress-97th, 1st session
    BOXED ARCHIVE RECORDS [These are transmittal/receipts of boxed records sent to the Federal Records Center by Clausen's office administration.] ; sequential by year
    [6 sheets of fiche]
  • 92nd Congress-96th Congress [1971-1980]
    CLAUSEN ROBO INDEX [Lists the number and title of letters generated by the word-processor system known as a "ROBO" Machine. Letters that correspond to this index are also in Box 1.]
    [4 sheets of fiche]
  • 92nd Congress [1971-1972]
    [1 sheet of fiche]
  • 93rd Congress [1973-1974]
    [4 sheets of fiche]
  • 94th/95th Congress [1975-1978]
    [16 sheets of fiche]
  • 96th Congress [1979-1980]
    CLAUSEN ROBO DIGEST [Alphabetical listing of ROBO titles that corresponds to the 96th Congress ROBO Letters below in this box.]
    [1 sheet of fiche]
  • 96th Congress [1979-1980]
    [10 sheets of fiche]
  • 1977-1980, 95th Congress-96th, 2nd session
    [1 sheet of fiche]
  • 1977-1981
    Topics Within: Membership in United Nations, Panama Canal Treaty, Nuclear fuels, Natural Disasters Foreign Aid, Judicial System, Right to Bear Arms, B-1 Bomber, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Full Employment and Balanced Growth legislation, Military Benefits, Double Taxation, Federal Spending and the Deficit, Repeal of Taft-Hartley Act, Unemployment and Public Works Jobs, Unionization of Armed Forces, H.R. 10 Amendment of Hatch Act, Equal Rights Amendments, South Africa Racial Situation, Amnesty Program and Vietnam Veterans, Metric Conversion Act of 1975, Energy self-sufficiency and Energy Act, Discrimination based on sexual preference, Geothermal Energy, California Death Penalty Law Repealed, Minimum Wage Increase, Congressional Pay Increase, Illegal Aliens, Legalization of Marijuana, Commissaries on Military Bases, Conservation, Solar Energy, Consumer Protection Agency, California and the National Energy Act, Federal Wage Grade Pay System, B-1 Bomber, Elimination of Consumer Class Action Suits, Voluntary Energy-Efficiency Surveys, Reduce Government "Red Tape", International Women's Year Program, Voter Registration by Mail, Change National Anthem to "America the Beautiful", Department of Energy, Welfare System, Tax Reform Act 1976, Funding Neutron Bomb, Clinch River Breeder Reactor, First Class Mail Rates, Child Pornography, Air Bags in Automobiles, Rising Cost of Medical Care, H.R. 9172 on Medicare, Grazing Fees, Meals on Wheels Program, Tallgrass Prairie National Park in Kansas, U.S / Soviet Communique on Middle East, Civil Service System, Social Security Financing Bill, Sequoia National Park inclusion of Mineral King Valley, Federal Water Pollution Control Act Amendments, Congressional Pay Raises, H.R. 9262 House Retirement Pensions, H.R. 8818 updating 1976 Tax Credit for Elderly, Cost-of-Living, H.R. 7623 Federal Regulation of Insurance Companies, Reduce Air Fare for Elderly and Handicapped, China and nuclear testing, Briefing of Rosenberg Espionage Trial, Vietnam and nutrition, National Energy Act, H.R. 9915 and Defense Appropriations Act of 1978, H.R. 780 and Military Medical Care, Soviet Pilots in Cuba, Congressional Pay Increase, Charitable Contributions Tax Deduction, Roth-Kemp Bill-Tax Reduction, Pro/Con Windfall Profit Tax, H.R. 5050 Tax Relief Act of 1979, Social Welfare Reform, S. 9 Alaska Lands Bill, Domestic Violence Prevention and Services Act, OPEC and Oil Prices, Boycott of Summer Olympics 1980, Take-Over of American Embassy in Iran, Dept. of Energy Failure on Gasoline Allocations, CIA Charter, MX Missile Program, Invasion of Afghanistan, Foreign Aid to Nicaragua, Changing Primary Election System, 1981 LEAA Appropriations, Marriage Tax Legislation
    [3 sheets of fiche]
  • 96th Congress [1979-1980]
    CLAUSEN "PINKS" [Arranged alphabetically by last name] [File copies of outgoing correspondence, everything from "thanks for views" on legislative issues to Happy Birthday letters sent to constituents]
    [approximately 117 sheets of fiche]
  • 96th Congress [1979-1980]
    Topics Within: Letters from Foreigners, Trip to Egypt, Condolences (card # 1-2), Congratulations fm DHC (1-6), Messages & Telegrams (1-13), Certificates of Commendation (1-3), Summer Interns (1-6), Thanks to DHC (1-11), Gifts/Baby/ and Wedding, Visitors / Constituents, Senior Interns 1979, Senior Interns 1980, 1st & 2nd Sessions=Pages, Letters of Introduction, Thanks from DHC (1-4), Correspondence (1-19), Jobs & Recommendations (1-4), 1979 Summer Interns (1-4), Condolences (1-5), Congratulations from DHC (1-5), General Correspondence (1-15)
    [approximately 103 sheets of fiche]
  • 96th Congress
    CLAUSEN PROJECTS [These are about projects Clausen was involved with, or was asked to inquire about. Projects of interest in Northern California are included.]
    [14 sheets of fiche]
  • 97th Congress, 1st [1981]
    CLAUSEN "PINKS" [Arranged alphabetically by last name. Everything from "thanks for views" on legislative issues to Happy Birthday letters]
    [approximately 68 sheets of fiche]
  • 97th Congress, 1st [1981]
    CLAUSEN LEGISLATION [By paragraph number]
    Topics Within: 9800 Filed w/o Reply (1-9), 9801 Thanks from the District (1-3), 9802 Responses to our Responses w/o Reply (1-2), 9805 Agri. Comm. Blues (1-4), 9815 Armed Services (1-3), 9820 Banking, Finance and Urban Affairs Comm. (1-2), 9825 Budget Committee (1-2), 9830 Education Committee (1-2), 9831 Labor Committee, 9835 Energy Committee (1-2), 9836 Commerce Committee (1-3), 9840 Foreign Affairs Committee (1-3), 9845 Interior & Insular Affairs Committee (1-5), 9850 Judiciary Committee (1-4), 9855 Merchant Marine Committee [1], 9860 Post Office Committee (1-3), 9861 Civil Service Committee, 9865 Public Works & Transportation Committee (1-27), 9870 Science & Technology Committee, Veterans Affairs Committee / 9885 Ways & Means Committee, Ways & Means Committee continued (1-2) [9886 Taxes (3-6), 9887 Social Security (6-10), 9891 Government Operations (10 & 11), 9893 Rules Committee (11 & 12)], 9895 Health & Human Services Department (12 & 13), Boyer/Cynthia Grant (14), Bob Isaac / Robert Galbraith (15), Galbraith / Hortense McIver (16)
    [approximately 93 sheets of fiche]
  • 97th Congress, 1st [1981]
    CLAUSEN PROJECTS [Grouped non-alphabetically. These are about projects Clausen was involved with, or was asked to inquire about. Projects of interest in Northern California are included.]
    [approximately 29 sheets of fiche]

Box 2

  • 97th Congress, 1st [1981]
    CLAUSEN CATEGORY LIST [Numbers each topic or issue and is used to label categorize mail for sorting in the "ROBO" Machine. Use the printed version* or the fiche entitled "Clausen Letter Index" (see below) to locate corresponding ROBO Letters.
    [1 sheet of fiche]
  • 97th Congress, 1st [1981]
    CLAUSEN LETTER INDEX [A numbered list of all ROBO letter titles. Each title also shows corresponding topic category that each constituent letter has been identified with. A printed version of this index has been written to aid in searching through the cross-reference system.]
    [1 sheet of fiche]
  • 97th Congress, 1st [1981]
    CLAUSEN ROBO LETTERS X2-X267 [Each ROBO Letter is numbered for quick retrieval. See the "Letter Index"(above) or the printed version to see a numbered list of titles.] A printed version of the Category List / ROBO Letter Index can be found with the fiche. These lists correspond to the ROBO Letters found in Box 2 only. The list in the three-ring binders is a printout of more of the ROBO system's constituent listing and provides Document Number and Category / ROBO Numbers for mail sent in 1982 ONLY.
    [6 sheets of fiche]
  • 97th Congress, 1st 1981
    CLAUSEN ROBO FILES X5U - X267 [constituents' mail grouped by topic and ROBO letter sent]
    [approximately 269 sheets of fiche]

Box 3

  • 1982 (2/27/82) (5/02/82) (6/04/82) (7/01/82)
    DIALCOM MASTER DIRECTORY FOR DON H. CLAUSEN [Alphabetical index to constituent mail generated Feb.- July 1982]
    [approximately 65 sheets of fiche]
  • 1982, 97th Congress, 2nd
    CLAUSEN CORRESPONDENCE NOTE: [Arranged by Document No. Letters sent to Clausen and his responses are grouped together.] All constituents grouped under "Document # 1" are those with letters sent before 1982. Those letters are not included in the correspondence fiche found in Box 3. Refer to microfiche card 2-14 in Box 3: "Document Identification Number 1" refers to Pre-1982 Mail. Therefore, this file starts with Document Identification Number 2." The listings in the Dialcom Master Directory were added to as time progressed. The three, green, three-ring binders included with the Microfiche are not an exact copy of any of these Dialcom Master Directories. The three-ring binder was generated on 11/27/82, at least four months after the last Dialcom Directory packet. It appears that the three-ring binder can be used as a cross-reference index with Box 3 "CLAUSEN CORRESPONDENCE" to find the specific letters written by constituents as long as the letter was written in 1982. The letters on the fiche are grouped by Document Number.
    [approx. 376 sheets of fiche]
    CLAUSEN CORRESPONDENCE [Fill-in questionnaires on local industry issues. Doc. #3397 through Doc. #8425 which do not appear to be connected to Doc. No. or ROBO numbers found on the Fiche.]
    [1 roll]


Box 4

  • 91st-93rd Congress [1969-1974]
    CLAUSEN CASEWORK Index Cards [Requests by constituents for Clausen's help in personal matters involving government departments. May also include follow-up correspondence by Clausen]
    [26 sheets of fiche]
  • 94th Congress [1975-1976]
    CLAUSEN CASEWORK Index Cards [Alphabetically by constituent]
    [8 sheets of fiche]
  • 95th Congress 1977-1978
    CLAUSEN CASEWORK Index Cards [Alphabetically by constituent]
    [13 sheets of fiche]
  • 1977 to 1980 [95th Congress-96th, 2nd session]
    CLAUSEN ACADEMIES Index Cards [Files regarding constituents requesting nomination into an armed forces academy.]
    [approximately 35 sheets of fiche]
  • 97th Congress, 1st 1981
    CLAUSEN CASEWORK [Grouped numerically by department or agency]
    [approximately 196 sheets of fiche]
  • 1981 [97th Congress, 1st]
    CLAUSEN ACADEMIES [Alphabetically D to S]

Box 5

  • 96th Congress [1979-1980]
    CLAUSEN CASEWORK [Grouped numerically by agency or topic]
    [approximately 470 sheets of fiche]
  • 1981 [97th Congress, 1st]
    CLAUSEN ADMINISTRATION POSITION RECOMMENDATION [Recognition of constituents' suggestions for specific persons to join the Reagan Transition Team and resumes of recommended individuals]
    [approximately 38 sheets of fiche]


Box 1 Duplicates

  • 96th and 97th Congress "Pinks"
  • 97th Cong., 1st session Clausen ROBO Letter Index, Clausen ROBO File
  • 96th and 97th Congress Clausen Projects
  • 1977 to 1981 Academies
  • 97th Congress, 1st session Legislation paragraphs
  • 97th Congress, 1st session Clausen Casework
  • 1981 Clausen Administration Position Recommendation
  • 96th Congress Clausen Personal

Box 2 Duplicates

  • 96th Congress Clausen Casework
  • 91st through 95th Congress Clausen Casework
  • 97th Congress, 2nd session Clausen Correspondence