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Cannabis Research Collection - CAMP Reports

CAMP (Campaign Against Marijuana Planting) is a cooperative program between local, state and federal government agencies. It supplies funds and personnel aimed at diminishing the amount of marijuana that is grown in California, and provides assistance for prosecuting those persons arrested. This cooperative program grew out of earlier efforts dating back to 1977. 1983 was the first year that the name CAMP was used officially.

The reports in this collection are issued from the California Department of Justice, Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement (BNE). The full reports describe the organizational structure and the year's participants, a summary of the season's activities, tactics, and mention of special successes, trends and hazards.

Cal Poly Humboldt Library has been able to obtain Annual Reports for most years. For some years, the Library was able to obtain summary data only. Missing reports, if they were prepared, will be added to the Library's holdings if they ever become available.

CAMP reports in the Humboldt Library (KFC632 C25 A5)

1983-1996: Full Reports
PDF icon 1983PDF icon 1984PDF icon 1985PDF icon 1986PDF icon 1987PDF icon 1988PDF icon 1989PDF icon 1990PDF icon 1991PDF icon 1992PDF icon 1993PDF icon 1994PDF icon 1995PDF icon 1996
1997-1999: No report received by Humboldt Library after multiple efforts to obtain them; per CAMP - not published
2000-2002: Summary data for each year with Attorney General Press releases
PDF icon 2000PDF icon 2001PDF icon 2002PDF icon 2018
2003-2004: Full Reports - Humboldt Library was able to photocopy reports
PDF icon 2003PDF icon 2004
2004-2009: Summary data for each year - all are one page, except 2005 which is 7 pages
PDF icon 2004PDF icon 2005PDF icon 2006PDF icon 2007PDF icon 2008PDF icon 2009