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Student Assistant Starts NASA Internship

Exciting news!

Special Collections Archival Student Assistant Alyssa Johnson has just started an internship with NASA at the Goddard Space Flight Center with the Goddard Institute for Space Sciences.They’ll be working on code development for a retrieval scheme that aims to better study snow properties as observed from remote sensors aboard satellites. Alyssa is a physics major and senior, graduating this fall, and is excited to expand their computational skills. They’re also currently completing research with Cal Poly Humboldt’s Gravitational Physics Lab and Florida State University’s Huffenberger Cosmology Group, and hope to start a PhD program next fall in Astrophysics.

Alyssa has been with Special Collections since their first semester at Cal Poly Humboldt (Spring 2019) in a variety of capacities - archivist, cataloguer and even binder. Highlights of their time include creating a virtual AR tour of Special Collections and working with the Harris Collection - an incredible repository of social justice ephemera from the early 20th century.

September 2, 2021